Friday, May 28, 2010

Please Be Careful With My Heart

Heard of Christian Bautisa before? I was at a music store in KL, and found his album being promoted.

I've heard of his name before, but don't know much of his songs. However, knowing that the Pinoys are a talented bunch, I thought I'd give it a listen.

While his album is a bit overly lovey dovey for me, but I'm truly impressed with his song, Please Be Careful With My Heart - a duet with another top Filipino singer, Sarah Geronimo.

Did some research and realise that he is spreading his wings into the region. This hit song is also available in Mando-English (a duet with Singapore's Kewei).

And bigger news. It's also in Bahasa Indonesia - with him singing in Bahasa Indonesia!

How's that for regional integration? I say, steady-lah! May this be the start of more collaboration between our media industry in the region.. it's about time! :D

*Love the lyrics to the song - simply meaningful to the connection between lovers, and even relationships with others.

If you love me like you tell me
Please be careful with my heart
You can take it just don't break it
Or my world will fall apart

You are my first romance
And I'm willing to take a chance
That till lilfe is through
I'll still be loving you

I will be true to you
Just a promise from you will do
From the very start
Please be careful with my heart

I love you and you know I do
There'll be no one else for me
Promise I'll be always true
For the world and all to see

Love has heard some lies softly spoken
And I have had my heart badly broken
I've been burned and I've been hurt before

So I know just how you feel
Trust my love is real for you
I'll be gentle with your heart
I'll caress it like the morning dew

I'll be right beside you forever
I won't let our world fall apart
From the very start I'll be careful with your heart

You are my first (and you are my last) romance
And I'm willing to take a chance (I've learned from the past)
That til life is through, I'll still be loving you
I will be true to you (only to you)
Just a promise from you will do
From the very start (from the very start)
From the very start (from the very start)
Please be careful with...(I'll be careful with...)
(your) (my) heart....

*Btw, this song was previously sung by Jose Mari Chan & Regine Velasquez.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Talk More. Pay Less.. Really One Ah

Do u call overseas often? I have.

And the thing is, the call charges are always soooo expensive. Especially if calling directly from our landline.

Yeah, I know some would recommend calling from the online services.. but even though those maybe somewhat cheaper, but then, they always have a lag (some have told me it's because of the slow internet connection in Malaysia?).

The lag is quite frustrating, and definitely not a good choice to call for business.

With not much choice, my team & myself have used calling directly from the landline, despite knowing it's gonna be quite a bomb (hey, if calling Penang from PJ is RM1/ minute, then what about calling overseas?). Well, in many ways, it's because we don't have any other choice.

Not till I found out about iTalk. Now I know it has been around for a long time, but I've never really tried it till recently.

i talk card

The outcome: the calls are clear and the rates are cheap - so it do benefit us in that way. The only drawback - having to key in the card numbers each time. That can be quite time consuming.

But I guess for now, that is one solution on saving some cashflow.. and making that important calls to our counterparts overseas :D

*Do u use any other calling services? What are they?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Malaysian Boys Should Learn From The Korean Girls

Talk about Korean girls & we think of the beautiful big eyed actresses in the drama series.

But no, this is not about the sexy & beautiful Koreans who cry beautifully on our screens. Or their so cute actions dancing around like when they sing the hit Nobody .

Instead, it's the wilder & tougher part of the girls that we can only see in sports. Yes, the Korean girls Uber Cup team.

Now, the odds were against them. They had to face the top favourite, the "mighty" Great-Wall of China, who has beaten them for the past many finals before.. And the fact that Korea has never lifted the Uber Cup before.

But that's not the biggest hurdle. Take a look at their world rankings. Sure, they maybe seeded 2nd, but the Koreans are not even in the top 10 rankings for both singles & doubles, while China dominates most of it! So, yes, u can say the odds are pretty high against them - with a predicted win favouing non other than China.

But that's not the same belief the Korean girls have. Reading the reports of interviews with the players after the games, they believed in themselves, in winning the Uber Cup.. somewhat kept their cool, played their game right.. and simply stunned their counterparts!

If it was Malaysia, we might have given up right from the start. Like what our boys did against China. The boys lost in mental strength from the very beginning! Their games faltered and they didn't even stretched themselves losing in nothing but in straight games!

Sure China is good, but hey, we've got world no 1 men's sigles & doubles!!! And we're on homegrown some more! What more do we need, team Malaysia?

I think this Korean girls win gives a big inspiration to many. In fact, this win achieved many targets - something which I've mentioned before - on why Malaysia should win.

Well, our team didn't inspire us, but at least the Korean girls did.. they united the Malaysians to support them (to fight against our 'enemy' China), instilled some hope & confidence.. by showing that nothing is impossible (even when facing an uphill battle). The only thing they didn't do of course, was to uplift brand Malaysia, but instead they lifted brand Korea (which is now about determination & wanting to be at the top!).

To our beloved team Malaysia, don't in any way feel insulted. Instead, I urge you to learn from the Korean. Girls.

And hopefully then can we can show the world that team Malaysia & brand Malaysia is just as great, if not greater too! We can, Malaysia!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Malaysia Lost (The Thomas Cup).. So, What's Next?

Ouch. That's how to sum up our lost in our nation's Thomas Cup outing 2010. And I guess many are with me on this.

As much as we wanted to win badly, but Lee Chong Wei & gang failed to win over China, what more impress the supporters.. with all our charges losing in straight sets!

Now nobody likes to lose, but the fact is, Malaysia lost - badly. Some of us would be brooding over the lost. Others may say, let's look forward to 2012.

But I say.. well, lets see where we stand, Malaysia. And solve the issues we face & find new solutions:

1. Create Great players.. who are not just Good
So what if Lee Chong Wei is no 1 in the world. The fact is, he has to overcome Lin Dan once and for all. Now, to our national hero, it's not that I'm condemning u in anyway.. but I think the focus is to really push yourself more & to focus on being a true world class hero.. ie. the focus is to keep beating Lin Dan for all the other games you are going to play.

And it's not just Chong Wei alone. Instead, even our first doubles & also world ranking no 1 pair of Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong needs to buck up. Losing & inconsistencies really is not an option anymore.

2. Have a New set of World Class players
Many say Malaysia keeps banking on the first singles & doubles.. and that is really true. Our 2nd & 3rd singles, and even our 2nd doubles are not in the same league as their counterparts.

It is sad to see us having to bank on Wong Choon Hann again - despite him being at the age of 33.. to don national colours. We all know that despite he being a champion last time, but gone are his glory days.

So why do we keep hanging on to him & even our other players - whose responsibilities should be shouldered by a much younger set of players?

3. Have a Continuous set of World Class Players
This point is similar to the above.. but the differecnece is, we need more than just 1 set of fresh players.. we need a continuous flow of them.

Take a look at our badminton history the past 2 decades. We only had a few good fighting chances every few years.. In fact, most countries do too, including superpowers Indonesia & China (though for now, they are changing).

Imagine if we win this cup after 18 years.. Even then, it takes us - what, a good 18 years? If we win it the next time round, that's what - 20 years?

If we can have a continuous supply of good players, we need not worry about our chances each time. For we know, that every time we go down in the biannual games, we are ready to take on anybody.

Now, these are clear simple things which we should be able to see. Yes, of course, the same old saying of it's easier said than done applies..

But then again, I put back the question - do we really want to be a world class team, winning as many more Thaoms Cups to come? If yes, bite that bullet & walk the talk. Malaysia, it's time to bounce back & shine once more!

*I believe that Malaysia's lost is not all bitter & bad. But we need to work on our weakness and not just push it aside. I still believe, Malaysia, we can.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Malaysia Needs To Win The Thomas Cup - Badly

The Thomas Cup Finals is here again. Though Malaysia has been featured in the finals for a very long time now, but it has been quite sometime since I felt Malaysians from all walks of life coming together to support our national team.

And that makes me feel good.. for after all, our team needs our support, especially that they are playing on home ground.

Now, as much as they need us, I think Malaysia (or Malaysians) need our team to win this cup as well.. Here's 3 main reason:

1. Unite The Segmented Malaysians
Seriously, with such a segmented country, it is really tough for us Malaysians to come together for anything. Most of the times, something only caters to one or at most 2 major race groups.

Take our entertainment industry for example.. Sure we all know who Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is, but ask most non Malays, and what songs does she sings? I doubt many will know.

Or take our movie industry. Some of you will know the likes of Ica Kacang Puppy Love or Woohoo! But some others of you will know movies like Pisau Cukur better. Yeah, these are all Malaysian productions, but clearly u can see they cater to one race group or another..

But take badminton, and it doesn't really matter which race we are. We all roughly know our players.. And I must say, it is only badminton (or at most squash) that can bring us Malaysians together!

2. Make Brand Malaysia Proud
Heard bout the many grouses so many Malaysians have about their own country? We so often compare ourselves with the other nations, which we are clearly not in their league in many things.

And it's because of this, plus the fact that many Malaysian products/ services are substandard that spoils the whole made-in-Malaysia products (talk bout some bad apples!).

Well, this is the chance for Malaysia to redeem itself.. to put back that confidence in the rakyat. It's time to show that despite all the lacking & negative criticisms we have, but Malaysia truly can (yes, Malaysia Boleh!).

3. Instill Some Confidence & Hope In The Malaysians
I have a feeling somewhat that Malaysia has never really gone out of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998. Sure we had a small bull run a few years back, before the world economy crisis hit us.. but that run was nothing compared to our high optimisms back in our 90s heydays.

Nowadays, many Malaysians complain about the hard life they face. Many do not have hopes of a good present nor future. And many have left the country simply because of this reason.

But by winning this Thomas Cup, it can make a difference. It can give the people some form of hope. After all, our team are not the top favourites to win this cup.. hence winning it can show the people that it doesn't really matter where we come from or where we stand.

Instead, it shows that everything is possible.. and so is a better future.

With these 3 main reasons, I hope that team Malaysia will go all out to win glory for our nation.

Yes, team Malaysia, we need this win.. let's create history, once more!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Don't So Stressed Lah.. Come Chillax A Bit

Whatever age you are in, whichever career you do, there is stress.. be it if you are studying, working for others or am an entrepreneur (or even retirees for that matter :) ).

And for me, life as an entrepreneur who aims to go big someday, I too face a lot of stress as well.

But today is not about the stress I face. Instead, it's what I do to release stress.. and like they say, chillax a bit. Here goes:

1. Read some inspiring books
Doesn't matter who your favourite author is, or whether u like to read fiction or non fictions.

More importantly, take some time off your busy schedule to indulge in some good inspiring reads. Apart from relaxing one's mind, the good info from the books will give a good input to the mind & will then give a good impact to life.

Btw, I find the period I read are always more uplifting than the period I neglect them books!

2. Chillout with inspiring friends
We can hang out with any friend, but the best are friends who share a positive output of life. Not all of my friends who I hang out with are entrepreneurs, but at least, they share the same energy of looking at life positively.. so u can say, yes, I'm somewhat selective.

This I learnt from the books I read. For I don't want to mix much with those who just drain our energy. Instead, it's better to mix with those who can help to encourage each other, and even help each other in showing things from another perspecitve..

Many times, my friends have shown the other side of the coin to me - where problems I thought difficult then become not too big after all.

3. Listen to inspiring & uplifting songs.

Upbeat songs are cool, especially in the early mornings to start the day right. Songs with inspiring lyrics do get the mood up as well.

Lately, I've been listening to my favourite channel One FM because of the songs they play - top Mando songs (plus a good variety of English songs too).

And here, one of my favourite songs currently, Man Man.

4. Go Exercise

Yeah, go sweat it out. For me, my way of exercising is mainly in the form of swimming or playing basketball.

Usually, my mind is more relaxed during the exercise & continues so even after it. Many times too, I get inspired while the exercise (usually while swimming) & get some brilliant ideas as well.

5. Enjoy that movie
Similar to the above, it doesn't matter what movie attracts you - be it blockbusters or independent art house movies.

For me, the best movies I like are those with some strong inspiring meaning behind (usually Asian cinema).. or those that are pure enjoyments that can take away the stress in mind (think Avatar!).

6. Pray
I'm no religious person, but I believe our conversations with God helps us in our daily challenges.

Well, there u have it.. my ways to chillax despite the many challenges I face daily. If u haven't tried out the steps above, I suggest you do. And if u have any other ways to chillax, do let me know too :)

*This article is written in support of Entrerpeneurship in Malaysia [Karnival Kerjaya dan Keusahawanan Graduan 2010 (K3G 2010)], happening at PWTC, 14 - 16 May 2010! (btw, no this is not a paid post in any way) :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

So, You MSN Huh? Me Too!

Remember the cute Oh-Oh sound of the onilne chat - ICQ? Back then, I was in uni - and the oh-ohs were so apparent at nearly every domitory. Yes, ICQ with its green-yellow flower were the in thing then..

Then while in uni, another wave of online chat came about.. with another unique sound of ting-ting-ting. Yeah, the MSN slowly but surely sort of killed ICQ.

I was on both back then.. and in fact, I still MSN till sometime back in 2008. But work took its toll. I was online very much, mainly for work.. and found the online chit chat somewhat a bother..

There will be times like one will say something.. and when I don't reply in time, then comes the
Hello, are u there?

I couldn't help it. I was on other tasks.

Yeah, so why not go on Busy mode then huh? Yeah, I did. And I was always on Busy mode.. or Invinsible mode that it made not much point to even on the MSN. And that's where it sort of died.

But of late, I've been getting requests from friends to chat online. And my answer remained:
"I know it sounds ulu, but ya, I don't MSN one.."

And I get the same old response too:
"Huh?", which comes after a 2-3 second blank stare. Some even commented I come from zaman batu (stone age).

"Yes, the Flinstones are my neighbours!". Haha!

But after some poll on Facebook, and asking other friends around, I thought that hey, it might be time to go back to MSN. Not that I'm any free-er now, but since I do spend more time online now beyond work purposes, yeah, so why not?

So, 2 nights ago, MSN is now back on my computer (yeah, the latest version okay...!). So friends, if u want to chat with me, let me know.. and I'll add u. Yeah, let the chit chat sessions come back! :)

*Some of you will remember my rather 'famous' MSN chat with errr... Siti!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blog Less, Facebook (& Twitter) More

Hi readers & fellow bloggers.

Ive been blogging much less recently. But that doesn't mean I'm away from the internet world.. Far from it actually.

Instead I've been more active recently on Facebook. Yeah, more micro blogging of late. The convenience of uploading things instantaneously without having to have a full long story to accompany makes it much more attractive - it saves more time!

The thing I do most there is to share my journey here in the Klang Valley (from status updates & photos I see in daily life).. plus I also share my dream photos.

About Twitter... Now, I'm not a big Twitter fan, though I've signed up on this site for a while now. But this may change with a new iPhone app: Echofon for Twitter. It allows one to track the replies from fellow twitterers. So, now Twitter can be fun too - though I'm still getting a hang of it.

Anyway, saying all these, this blog will still be around. Yes, I'll still continue to blog on topics which are longer & may need some public attention.

But for a quicker update & if u have a Facebook & Twitter account, then, do find me there. The name - is the same, QuaChee :)