Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Continue Learning - Continue Growing

When I was in school, I remember saying, how nice it would be to be in adulthood - no more books after books to study and facts to memorize! These were the thoughts, and talks my friends and myself had. I guess it was the study pressure we had then, and also because we couldn't see the value in some of the subjects we learnt.

But looking back - whatever I've learnt in school, although some not used directly in my career/ life now, however, it does play a part or role in some decisions I make.

For example, the accounting methods I learnt are still useful in my business. And the languages are never so important until now - how I realised that good communication (verbal and written) is important in building a lasting relationship with families, friends, and business associates.

In addition, History allows us to know the past and how it has shaped the present. This will be useful in understanding both our and others' culture and background. And this deeper understanding will enable us to relate to others better. The list just goes on...

And the growth and sklls are also learnt through extra corricular activities like from organising activities/ events to dealing with other commmittee members. These skills help in shaping my interactions and decisions today.

Although now that I've graduated from school and learning is no more a 'must', but I believe that it is good to continue to learn new skills and new things that can help us in any or every aspect of our life.

Earlier today, one of my friends told me about a new book she has just started reading. From the way I see it, this lady do not need to read any books - she's already so successful in her business! But I too believe that this book will continue to reinforce her skills and also add something new to her.

And I know of many successful people who continue reading books which can help improve their lives - relationships or business.

The thing about learning is that it not only falls within books, but also by attending seminars, classes, or just by pure observations (eg. on people's behaviour patterns, how companies and organisations work) and also from our daily conversations (both 'light' and 'heavy'). And even more interesting is that I learn something new each day from work from designing to printing etc.

So, go on and continue to learn and grow with each new day. Pick up a new skill, a new hobby, or anything that you think will add value in your life - now or future!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Count Our BLESS-Sings

I called a friend yesterday to catch up on things and was very encouraged with his words of encouragement and admiration. I feel very delighted when he could see and recognised the hard work I've put into the business (a recognition is always welcomed once in a while :) ). More importantly, he asked me to just give myself a pat on the back once in a while.

Like many other entrepreneurs, sometimes, I am very hard on myself, especially on everey mistake, or on outcomes I didn't expect. At these moments, I sometimes forget to see the achievements that I have achieved, but only look on the problems... and blame myself.

Now, it's good to see the problems, and solve them. However, there are moments when I believe we should just take time to acknowledge ourselves on our accomplishments for where we are today - and not feel too bad.

I agree with my friend that we should count the blessings we've gotten so far. No doubt there is still a long way to go, but it would be nice to just sit down for a minute or two and think of all the good things - both big and small that we've accomplished, and also the things that we have (and bad things that we don't have eg. natural disasters)... and smile that big smile :) And that is the smile that will take and see us through those rough moments!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Bouncing back

Sometimes there are moments in business, or in life in general, when there are unmet expectations, there tend to be dissapointments.

In these moments, I would like to just take a break - relax... take time to just think of nothing but happy thoughts, and if possible take my mind off the subject of concern. Different people have different ways in doing so. For me, I'll go to the movies or have a walk at the beach.

After some time (maybe a few hours or a day or two), I'll then go through a post-mortem, and see if there were anything that could be done in another way to avoid such situations. And also to learn from the whole event.

Finally, it's time to restrategise again. I restrategise every once in a while, and not only in 'bad' times - especially in every quarter. The aim - to bounce back; not to be drowned and swept away from the ultimate goal and dream. In this process, I'll write the main goal and break them into parts that needs attention and focus.

The idea is not to take defeat and be bitter about it, but instead to turn it around, bounce from it, and ultimately be a hero from it. For the greater the challenges, when we rise, the greater a hero we are.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Enjoy the MOMENTS... Live the JOURNEY

I have friends who have been telling me that their lives are like a 'roller-coaster ride' - where it can go up and also at the same time go down.

I do think that that is quite true in life. I've been experiencing that myself. There are times in my life that I feel on top of the world, and I can just let my hands loose, feel the breeze - that sense of success and accomplishment. That moment of greatness... I always imagine myself on top of a high mountain overlooking the horizon, with sunset sky in orange, gold and purple. Wow! These can be big accomplishments for me, or even getting some small work done, or some things moving.

As much as there are those good moments, there are times too when I can be badly affected when I face some obstacles - especially those that pull the carpet right under my feet. As much as I don't want these to happen, but they do appear in my life.

But, what I would like to share is that whatever it is - good and bad is only for, but a moment. The unwanted bad thing might have had happened, but then it's a past. Rather than be bogged by it, I will ask 'What can we do to improve the situation?' 'Any solutions? ', 'What can we learn from that mistake?'

And so are the good times. When we achieve success, let's enjoy it - feel that energy, that sense of empowerment. Go on and have a good time! For that too is only for the moment, which will soon become a past achievement. And hence, we need to continuosly search for new accomplishments. Of course, the discipline, and experience that we've gained will always be good tools for the future.

This relates to the saying that 'life is not a destination, but a journey'. When I first heard this, I didn't paid much attention to it. But after some time, I slowly began to understand it, and now I believe that it is so true!

This makes me to strive to enjoy whatever I do - and no matter what situation happens. It's not easy especially if things go wrong - or if the setbacks are pretty major. But I hope to just learn from mistakes and improve, and avoid being affected by it.

So, for me, this journey of mine is to be treasured - the whole experience. And I hope that you too will treasure your journey in life in your quest of achieving your goals and dreams, and as we mature for greater heights.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Living Life The Fullest

Recently, a close friend's relative passed away. The family was sad for her departure. But I told my friend not to be sad or discouraged, because while she was alive, she lead a very happy life.

The incident left me wondering as to how fragile life is and what do we actually want to achieve?

I think the right answer will be: to have no regrets. And in that, I mean living life to the fullest - daring to dream (or in some cases, to dream again), doing the best in everything that we do, giving all our best - heart, mind and soul.

We need not do huge & big stuff, but as long as whatever we do (be it in family, career, work, relationship, etc), we do it because we want to, and put all our passion for it.

Going back to my friend's relative, I could see she lead a wonderful life, whereby altough missed by her family members and friends, but they all can proudly say with a smile - that she lived her life fullest...

Let's too live a life that have no regrets - living life the fullest, and the best we could! Thumbs Up