Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chinese New Year Malaysia

Chinese New Year Malaysia

Hey everyone, how's your Chinese New Year so far? I'm having a good time this New Year - embracing the New Year mood, and at the same time enjoying my rest.

Btw, here are some of the things I did this New Year:

chinese new year malaysia, templeGoing to the temple. The crowd turnout was huge and way beyond what I had experienced last year (maybe because of the different timing).

My other events during this New Year apart from going to the temple and having families and friends visiting, mainly revolves around food, food and more food!

chinese new year malaysia, new year cookiesFirst of course - tasting the many New Year cookies and candies. Come to think of it, I notice that at least in Malacca, many of these are still homemade (either self homemade or bought from the homemade sellers).

chinese new year malaysia, mandarin orangeThen there is the must have sweet tasting Mandarin oranges, eaten anytime of the day this New Year! I've been buying a fair bit of this - just can't get enough of its sweetness!

chinese new year malaysia, yu shengAnd during reunion, my relatives came and we tossed the yu sheng (yee sang) with many good luck blessings! This is something I've been learning to appreciate its meaning and say the blessings now :)

chinese new year malaysia, steamboat ingredientsOur reunion is then followed by the traditional steamboat.

chinese new year malaysia, steamboatI find eating steamboat fun and of course delicious .... for its sweet soup taste and yummy ingredients!

chinese new year malaysia, steamboatI used to rush through the steamboat, but not now... I try to understand and follow the main reasons of having steamboat.... if not wrong, steamboat is a good way to keep the dinner longer - where we have to wait for the food to be cooked - while chit chatting with all relatives first.

I find the older generation seem to understand this better than the younger generation. Nevertheless I managed to do some chit chat with my cousins, though I think the adults had more to chat! (and not so concerned about eating only. haha!)

chinese new year malaysia, popiahOne highlight I have this New Year is having try the traditional popiah. It looks easy when done, but see the amount of ingredients that go behind!

That's why this is a real highlight this year, cos it's not often we can get this - buying just ain't the same.

chinese new year malaysia, popiahAdd that with a dab of chili... yummy!

Well that is what I've enjoyed this New Year so far back in Malaysia, where I find the Chinese New Year celebrations still full of traditions and very merry! (not to mention the ang pows haha!)

How about you? How are you celebrating your New Year? :)


  1. Which CNY wouldn't be complete with makan, makan and lots of makan! LOL~

    Mine was a quiet one. I enjoyed it nevertheless. :)

  2. I love the mandarin oranges, the yee sang and the steamboat! All so yummy! This CNY, I just ate and ate and ate! Will work on losing the pounds next week. Haha!

  3. i love the sight of that lovely poh piah... yr CNY custom is a little different from steamboat n no tossing the yee shang thingy..perhaps it is a local thingy in yr area?

  4. wow! i never really know how people celebrate CNY in the proper way haha

    i'm hoping that i could get a chance to fully celebrate it xD

  5. CNY is indeed a special day for all of us here... each of us have our share of bonding with our families and of course the main attraction is always brings families together...

  6. wow! Is the temple "Cheng yun teng" in Malacca? So pack...

    I have two steamboat dinner this Chinese New Year... kakaka.... lot's of nice and yummy food... What's the impact? hehehe... put on Weight!

    Happy Chinese Niu Year eh!

  7. I celebrate my CNY with a lot of foods and some beer.....:)

  8. Nice pictures, all, esp the top one of the temple. It has an air of festivity. Nice.

    This year, I took too many mandarin oranges (more of the small sweet ones) and ended up with a sore throat. :( But I'm feeling better now.

    Food is the order of the day during CNY and lou sang is synonymous with it. Bet one of your requests would be to see your latest project to fruition, eh? lol

    Making popiah at home is cool - you can put in more fillings.

  9. so glad yr book is getting so many good reviews

  10. happy chinese new year quachee!!
    btw, is it true that when you cough, you can't eat the mandarin orange? colleague told me so... :(
    i like the miniature orange... cute and tasty.
    like the steamboat too!!!
    and... the popia....!!!

    adoi... guess i'm so hungry :P

  11. looks like steamboat is pretty famous during eve though i have never done it before... :)

    Happy CNY!

  12. Hey! Justina here!!!


  13. Popiah is like spring roll, isn't it? :-D

  14. Lovely pics. Makes me hungry and miss home. The CNY celebration is just not the same here in the States. But as always I manage to cook the traditional Fuzhou Rice Wine Chicken served over fine vermicelli noodle for CNY morning and gave my kids Ang Pows. :)

  15. wow... i want all those cny candies and cookies!!!!! i have had enough german sausages here >ö<


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