Monday, February 09, 2009

Muar Town

Muar Town

What do you get with 'crazy' high school friends when they meet during CNY? They make an on the spot decision to go 'jalan jalan' - to Muar!

Yes that's what my friends and I did recently - which we call it the '1 Hour Trip (Limited) To Muar' (Limited because we only had an hour there!).

muar bridgeOur trip actually started off only to Merlimau (a place off Malacca town). But because we took a longer route which was heading to Muar, we then decided to just go to our neighbouring town instead.

It was quite nice passing through the kampungs. And we knew we were on the right track 40 minutes down the road once we started seeing the unmistakable Muar bridge (this btw is like the major landmark for those coming from Malacca).

muar town, old buildingWe then started to find our way to the popular food street, but before we come to that we passed some old buildings in the old town.

muar town, old buildingEverything seems authentic - and in a way frozen in time.

muar town, old buildingThere's even a house that looks quite Peranakan, with its beautiful carvings and all.

muar town, old building
This old house is pretty cool, with its tiles and even the smaller carved doors, which I think even now in Malacca is hard to find (lots have been stolen or the owners are now too scared to display them already).

muar town, old buildingAs it was New Year, some celebrated with lanterns - simple ones.

muar town, old building, lanternAnd not far away more lanterns... which in fact covers the whole street!

muar town, food area Yes, with a bit of navigation, we arrived to our destination - the popular food street in Muar - which was a colouful sight (& a delicious one too)!

The Muar food is coming up next! :)


  1. good morning Quachee, i havent been to Muar...seeing the pics remind me of Malacca town...
    muar food pics next?

  2. hey QC, Happy Chinese New Year. Chap Goh Meh is today!! :)

  3. The "feel" of these small towns is really different from those of KL, PJ, Ipoh, Penang, JB etc huh? :P

    Happy Chap Goh Meh~

  4. Very Spontaneous, but at least you got some great photograps! I enjoyed them a lot!

  5. Sometimes me and my friends also make 'on the spot' decisions. It's good to do things spontaneously once in a while : )

    Nice photos of the buildings and streets. Look forward to your next post on Muar food!

  6. there is a nice WAN TAN MEE noddle shop at the "wai sek kai" open only for lunch... i love it so much

    then the corner shop sells good kopi powder... cawan emas

  7. hehehe i couldn't agree more! muar is very famous with its foods! i can't say that penang can't beat the foods there (Lol), but it has different taste and style too :)

    you can have a peak on some post when i was in muar... here.

    hehehe lucky you as getting fat seem impossible to you :P

  8. hye quachee..muar is near to melaka..datang la sini..hehe..

  9.'s been a while since I last been there. I went to the river bank. There are lots of people over there. But I just couldn't recall the name of the place... :D

  10. i didnt know Muar is a food haven. i shud stop there some time

  11. @reanaclaire
    try to make a trip when you can - maybe do a malacca/ muar hehe

    thanks for the wishes. and sorry this is a late reply.

    @day dreamer
    ya its quite different heh. always got some kind of 'character' in them :)

    @multi screen
    thanks. glad u like them :)

    ya, on the spot decisions like these are really nice haha!

    thank you. traveling is fun haha :)

    thanks for info! ill check the kopi next time! :)

    thanks. haha penang always say their food is best! :)

    @tun teja
    u from melaka? haha i am too!!! :)

    ya, i think i want to explore more of muar too! :)

    yes on yr next trip to peninsula :)


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