Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm In A 'Performing Arts' Mood!!

It started off with the Lee Hom's concert. Then, came a succession of shows that I've been watching the past few weeks. Checked in here, checked in there.. yeap, I have literally checked into most of the KL arts venue this month! Here are what I've watched..

Kaleidoscope 2 - Hands Drumming Festival @ KLPac
I remember their performance last year where they blew my mind away on how traditional drums can be modern & owh so cool! You know those big drums like the ones in Lion Dance? Well, modernise it with cool stage lights & costumes.. and sound too!

This year's perfromance was also great - with overseas drummers (Wow Beat of Taiwan & Kaburaya of Japan) drumming in the showcase too. While that was a good variation, but I personally still prefer last year's which featured just our Malaysian drummers! (and not I'm not saying cos I'm patriotic or being biased.. but somehow feel that our Malaysian drummers has set a very high standard!).

Comedy Club KL - Marc Show @ PJ Live Arts Centre
I've always wanted to attend the Comedy Club series but never really went for it.. not till this month that is. Yes, it was my first time going for this since I've moved to KL slightly over 2 years now!

I can't remember how I found out about the show.. but well, 3 international stand up comedians came down to our city.. and stand up comedy they did!

Tommy Dean and Jon Rosol were pretty funny.. but nothing could have beaten the 'sexy' guy - Earl Okin and his strings (guitar)! You won't think he is funny - really.. but when he sings.. owh, that got me (& the crowd) laughing!!

English Treasures @ Dewan Filharmonik Petronas
I must admit that I went to this show not knowing what to expect. Actually I didn't even know who I'd be listening to or what music style... for all I did was to follow the recommendation from best buddy & music enthusiast friend, Ben. 

Lil did I know that I'd be seeing one of the world's best cello musician Daniel-Muller Schott!  

While I enjoyed seeing Daniel play the cello with all his skills, but musically, I like the first part of 3 of the show.. which I found out is Fantasia On A Theme By Thomas Tallis.. apparently the first important work by composer Ralph Vaughan Williams and composed in 1910! (okay, I googled that up! haha). 

Arbridged - The Compleat Wrks Of Wllm Shkspr @ KLPac
I was surfing the KLPac's website and saw some really good reviews of this show. It was touted to be really funny. 

And owh yeah, one reason I bought tickets for the show... well, it had an overseas cast! While I love & support all things Malaysian, but when it comes to doing ang moh/ kwai loh plays, well, I usually prefer an overseas act - and that they have. Besides it's Shakespeare..!

Owh, but well 2 out of 3 are foreigners, with our very own Gavin Yap performed alongside. I must say, the English I have had spoken to many foreigners in Singapore helped! But still.. that wasn't enough.. for the accent was rather strong. 

I guess that didn't make me understand the show fully.. and while I laughed but most probably could have laughed more & even harder! But nevertheless, I now have learnt about Shakespeare - tho just a lil bit!

Young Voice Choral Fiesta @ KLPac
I attended this performance to support a friend - Eunice, who performed with her Subang Jaya Youth Chamber Choir. It was cool to see a friend I know on stage - the KLPac Pentas 1 to boot! 

Btw, apart from that group, there were also other choirs around including Naturally Vocal which I enjoyed quite a lot. And their invited guests from Indonesia - the Lippo Village Children's Choir, some of whom are really young! 

If before I didn't know much bout choir, but this one show surely changed my mind. Who knew there's such active choir groups out there! Think Glee!

Caipifruita Revelations @ Actor's Studio
Another group that I've watched their performance previously - and loved. 

But I didn't know bout this performance of theirs.. till I attended the Young Voice Choral Fiesta, which 2 of the singers are actually the conducters & performers there! They were giving out fliers & made some announcement for their upcoming show.

Well, I thought it would be nice to support them and at the same time enjoy their performances. 

They didn't fail. And the nice thing this time round - they teamed up with the Revelations an a capella group of 10 men from Sri Lanka. But owh yeah, I've sinced understood that a cappella can be fun - like this!

I know that's a rather load full of events I've attended so far. And owh, it doesn't seem to end as yet.. for there's still the ICOM Celebration Series: Tribute to Musicals and I'm thinking of going to Ah Mei's Ah-Mei-zing concert! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Owh To Some Inspiring Videos!

One of the things that we've been stuck in the Summer Love series is to get the script out. No, actually, there's more to that... but for the past few weeks, it was the script.

But then I spoke to some friends from the industry, and they gave some very good advise. At the same, I also took some time to get some inspiration. I've been going to a fair bit of theatre performances and watching movies too (that will be for another story ;) ). But at the same time, last Sat, I YouTubed! Watched a fair bit of videos - not just love stories, but rather a mix batch of stuff. I'd like to share some that I've watched.. which I think are pretty cool, and in some ways directly relates to the web series I'm creating or others... as inspiration in other ways.

Never been much an Adele fan but hearing this on the guzhen kinda changes it. Now that sure is a twist! And it inspires us to make some really cool music for the series!

Playing instruments & one cool song to boot at the beach & cliff, over sunsets... owh, this is quite similar to a scene I've thought of for Summer Love.. tho ours is in the city :)

Like I mentioned, there are times when I'm kinda lost in the whole process of Summer Love.. but check this video... it hits back on the inspiration to keep doing what's right & winning!

  This video is another inspiring video. Over the weeks, there are times when the heart gets a bit 'hard' from all the negativity around.. but this takes it back. Such simple joy.. something we take for granted, at times. But just look at that happiness :)

One of the short films I watched. It may seem a lil weird for what a homeless guy can do.. but still, it's inspiring. And the people behind (Karma Tube) this short film.. on what they want to do for the world - to inspire. This keeps our series in check - for that is too what we wanna do... though not exactly in the same style :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Broga Hill

"We have to wake up at 330am.. and leave by 4".

I didn't blink an eye when I heard that. Well if it was 2 years back, I'd jump and say "I'm not going".

But now, I just said "Sure!".

And that was the start of the discussion for the hiking trip to Broga Hills.. a place I've heard a fair bit, and seen some really cool pics of it too.

So leaving at 4am, we arrived at the hills at 5am. The journey was smooth, as we heeded the advise of our friend.. "go Cheras then follow the signboard to Kajang and then to Semenyih & finally Broga".

The place was a lil far from PJ, but bearable.

Anyway, when we arrived, it was still pitch black. We parked our cars at the 'car park' (for RM2) and then it was time to head to the hills!!

With just torchlights, up we went on a trail. For a town boy like me, the image of walking on a smooth untar road came about before the hike. Too much movies, you'd say.

Anyway, the path up wasn't like that. While it was the red road, but it was also uneven and at times we had to crawl up. All these done in the dark with only the torchlights to shine the way.

But I guess that was what made the climb fun.. like my buddy Ben said "hiking in the darkness not knowing how high or far more we have to go.. that was fun".

I got to agree. It brought back memories of the scouting days camping at night.

So bout a few pit stops and 2 hours later, we arrived to the very 1st peak!! The sun was about to rise!!

Owh and again, I first expected to see the sun like a golden egg yolk coming out from the hills - which is all dark. But luckily I have been informed that that's rather impossible. So my expectations were set straight.

Slowly the sun came up, amidst a clear bright sky. By then, some of us have hopped to the next 2 peaks. And as for me, I was already sitting on a rock at the 3rd peak.

Yes it was the chilling moment, plus that sense of accomplishment albeit a small small one. A time to just relax and sit back and enjoy the view mother nature has in store for us.

We chilled for a bit, and before the sun started to get warmer, we decided to head downwards.. which by this time we could see the kind of path we had walked on.

The journey down certain slopes were stiff (45 degrees or more?). And it was crowded - again it was rather unexpected! Some even brought their young toddlers..

But soon enough (plus with enough crawling down), we then reached back to the car park. Rested.

Then to the town nearby for lunch.. and soon, it was goodbye Broga Hills! Thanks for the sunrise, the exercise and fun!!

*Things to bring & prepare to Broga Hill:
1. Torchlight - 1 per person is better cos it's all dark!
2. Wear sports gear and shoes. No jeans!
3. Water but not too much. No toilets.
4. Snacks if you want but that's not necessary.
5. Sunglasses to protect your eye when seeing the sunrise.
6. Get enough sleep the night before, if possible.
7. Don't rush up or down. There are cliffs along the path.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL's Best Roti Canai - Valentine's!!

It doesn't take a Malaysian long to figure out what are the popular Malaysia food.

And while the nasi lemak may reign as the no. 1 dish.. the roti canai should be a close 2nd!

So while doing the research for the web series Summer Love: KL!, we thought to also hunt down the best roti canai in KL! Yes, the search for only the best!!

This is not the roti canai shop. We parked near here, and I couldn't help but take the photo of this place with the twin towers as a backdrop. 
Our search brought us to downtown KL - nearby Jalan Ampang, to a roti canai joint most foodies might know. And maybe even some foreigners as this place has been featured in some overseas TV programs too (so we were told).

Locating the place wasn't that difficult. The place looks rather ordinary - like any other mamak shops by the road side. But that's where the similarity ends.

Sitting down, we ordered all the different roti they have. We ordered the roti tampal (basically roti canai with egg but not cooked like the roti telur we are familiar with.. and also the roti valentine which is roti with meat.. which tastes somewhat in between roti canai & murtabak.

However we felt these roti rather usual. - not the best roti ever..

But then we tried the plain roti canai.. and that made us understand why this shop is undoubtedly the best roti canai shop in town (or at least the best roti canai we've tried!!).

What's so special? It's the texture. The roti canai is fluffy and thin.. and while it doesn't melt in the mouth, but well it's close to it!

This is definitely a place I'll come back for!! (and that food lovers or roti canai lovers should try too!!).

Jalan Semarak just diagonally opposite the Celcom building.

*Opens from late afternoon.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm Now A Lee Hom Addict!!

When I first started listening to Chinese pop.. amongst the singers that I was introduced to is non other than Lee Hom. He sings those lovey dovey songs and of course, is a big hit at campus.

While I've always been keeping a few updates of his new hit songs over the years, I don't think I have ever been such a (big) fan of the singer. Not for anything else, just maybe I've never been a big follower.

But still, 10 years later, I've decided to attend his concert - right here in the heart of KL!

And I must say, I am blown away!

The most amazing thing bout the concert is all the animation effects on the 3 big screens behind the stage. The Chinese style effects were amazing. Then there's also this effect, where Lee Hom uses the backdrop to make as if he is like walking on a street. Just wow!

The play of visuals continued.. including this medley with 7 Lee Homs! Talk about having some cool effects!

But of course, effects aside, it's the man himself that matters. And this guy sure knows how to wow the crowd. The infectious smile plus him belting out his hit songs sure got the crowd going ga-ga!

And even more so when he came down in his vehicle around the stadium! It's like he is the people's singer..!

So, I left that night all awed & wow-ed. You can say, I'm now a bigger fan.. and just like one of his fan clubs, I think I'm too now a Lee Hom Addict!

*Personally, with such high standards here, I wonder how the other Chinese singers can match such a cool concert. I must attend Jay Chou's concert someday. And owh yeah, Ah Mei is having hers in KL soon too.. maybe I should attend hers as well? :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL's Best Burger (Burger Om)!

My foodie friend once told me he went to hunt this 'very famous' ramly burger stall in Ampang.

He lost his way on his 1st attempt, but that didn't stop him to hunt the burger stall again.

He said that the reviews of the burger were spectacular.. so much do that a foodie like him has to try!

And while I'm on the hunt for good food around KL, I remember my friend and his burger journey. I thought to try it too!

Well like my friend.. it wasn't easy to locate the burger stall - maybe because of the unfamiliarity with Ampang. But then when we asked some locals bout the burger.. they didn't had much clue either (that despite the burger shop was only like less than 1km away).

Anyway, after bout 45 minutes of getting lost.. we finally saw that 7-11. And the stall was just in front of it.

Next surprise - no queue. A burger so 'famous'.. without any queue? *Scratch head..

Placed our orders we did.. and then, I watched the process the burgers were cooked. While I'm not particularly fussy bout cooking process - usually.. but this pakcik's cooking sure got me looking. For it is like oil here, oil there.. oil everywhere.

In fact, Aric got scared off by that that he didn't order any..

Anyway for the rest of us, well not judge the book by its cover, or the burger by its oil.. so next was to eat it!

Taste wise - I must admit that it was quite good.. tho not the best burger. The taste was good despite lacking the sauces like some other ramly burgers have.

But to say, that this is KL's best ramly burger.. or Malaysia for that fact.. well, that really depends. While to me it isn't, but buddy Ben says it is the best ramly burger he has tried.

Why not you be the judge? :)

*Om Burger
Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama

Opens daily after 9plus.

Contact: Encik Om 012 2264 522

Once you see Flamingo Hotel in the left, turn into Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama. You'll pass by Petronas on your right. Keep going straight on. The burger stall is further ahead on the left, in front of a 7-11.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL Original Pan Mee - Kin Kin!!

Apart from the hokkien mee, the other food I think is synonym to KL is the pan mee.

The 1st time I tried 2 years back has made me fall in love with this dry spicy noodles.

And as with most cases, the question of where is the best pan mee in KL arise.

I've never really bothered much as the Super Kitchen pan mee near my old office has always been good.

But then just last week while on the food hunt, I managed to finally try the original one.. the one that I've heard do much from the foodies!!

The location was at a part of KL I'm not familiar.. and there was the familiar jam (on a Saturday).

So the journey there was one thing. but that actually didn't dampen my spirit. I was after all on a food hunt!

But the jam was only part of it. Upon arriving, the queue is really long.. and then there were some kiasu customers!

So the clock ticked for a good 45 minutes.. and we were in that oven like restaurant. Yes it was hot.

But then, the food finally arrived...! And that made all the effort worth it. It has a good aroma and the noodles were 'bouncy'. Owh add that with the half boiled egg, it's all nice & so yummy!!

And yes, it does taste as the best pan mee! Even Super Kitchen can't compare.

Truly a must try for pan mee fans and foodies out there - well at least once!!

*Some bloggers complain bout the service here but I didn't experience much of that (bad service)... just a lil which comes more from their business than rudeness.

*Restoran Kin Kin
40, Ground Floor
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1
Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur

*Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 730am-9pm
Sat-Sun 730am-430pm