Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Broga Hill

"We have to wake up at 330am.. and leave by 4".

I didn't blink an eye when I heard that. Well if it was 2 years back, I'd jump and say "I'm not going".

But now, I just said "Sure!".

And that was the start of the discussion for the hiking trip to Broga Hills.. a place I've heard a fair bit, and seen some really cool pics of it too.

So leaving at 4am, we arrived at the hills at 5am. The journey was smooth, as we heeded the advise of our friend.. "go Cheras then follow the signboard to Kajang and then to Semenyih & finally Broga".

The place was a lil far from PJ, but bearable.

Anyway, when we arrived, it was still pitch black. We parked our cars at the 'car park' (for RM2) and then it was time to head to the hills!!

With just torchlights, up we went on a trail. For a town boy like me, the image of walking on a smooth untar road came about before the hike. Too much movies, you'd say.

Anyway, the path up wasn't like that. While it was the red road, but it was also uneven and at times we had to crawl up. All these done in the dark with only the torchlights to shine the way.

But I guess that was what made the climb fun.. like my buddy Ben said "hiking in the darkness not knowing how high or far more we have to go.. that was fun".

I got to agree. It brought back memories of the scouting days camping at night.

So bout a few pit stops and 2 hours later, we arrived to the very 1st peak!! The sun was about to rise!!

Owh and again, I first expected to see the sun like a golden egg yolk coming out from the hills - which is all dark. But luckily I have been informed that that's rather impossible. So my expectations were set straight.

Slowly the sun came up, amidst a clear bright sky. By then, some of us have hopped to the next 2 peaks. And as for me, I was already sitting on a rock at the 3rd peak.

Yes it was the chilling moment, plus that sense of accomplishment albeit a small small one. A time to just relax and sit back and enjoy the view mother nature has in store for us.

We chilled for a bit, and before the sun started to get warmer, we decided to head downwards.. which by this time we could see the kind of path we had walked on.

The journey down certain slopes were stiff (45 degrees or more?). And it was crowded - again it was rather unexpected! Some even brought their young toddlers..

But soon enough (plus with enough crawling down), we then reached back to the car park. Rested.

Then to the town nearby for lunch.. and soon, it was goodbye Broga Hills! Thanks for the sunrise, the exercise and fun!!

*Things to bring & prepare to Broga Hill:
1. Torchlight - 1 per person is better cos it's all dark!
2. Wear sports gear and shoes. No jeans!
3. Water but not too much. No toilets.
4. Snacks if you want but that's not necessary.
5. Sunglasses to protect your eye when seeing the sunrise.
6. Get enough sleep the night before, if possible.
7. Don't rush up or down. There are cliffs along the path.


  1. I want to be there one day with my family. :D

  2. Will keep the tips in my mind when I go there one day. Do I need to bring some sticks along? just in case of robbery?

  3. Thank you for sharing. but is there any taxi service nearby?

  4. Hi, i was looking around for short recharge trips away from Singapore and chance upon your post.

    As i am not very familiar with places in Malaysia yet, may i check where should i stay (or the nearest place to stay) if i wanna climb Broga Hill early morning for sunrise? Is KL nearby?

    Thank you!

  5. @pretha
    the usual taxis will be the best bet :)

    cheras probably. then book a cab :)

  6. Hey QuaChee, thank you for your reply! I am lucky i managed to get someone to fetch me =) share some pictures when I'm back, got time can come and see when i got back end of the month =)

    Thanks again!

  7. thanks!
    useful info for my new hiking destination!

  8. thanks!
    useful info for my new hiking destination after moved to kl few months ago!


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