Monday, March 26, 2012

Owh To Some Inspiring Videos!

One of the things that we've been stuck in the Summer Love series is to get the script out. No, actually, there's more to that... but for the past few weeks, it was the script.

But then I spoke to some friends from the industry, and they gave some very good advise. At the same, I also took some time to get some inspiration. I've been going to a fair bit of theatre performances and watching movies too (that will be for another story ;) ). But at the same time, last Sat, I YouTubed! Watched a fair bit of videos - not just love stories, but rather a mix batch of stuff. I'd like to share some that I've watched.. which I think are pretty cool, and in some ways directly relates to the web series I'm creating or others... as inspiration in other ways.

Never been much an Adele fan but hearing this on the guzhen kinda changes it. Now that sure is a twist! And it inspires us to make some really cool music for the series!

Playing instruments & one cool song to boot at the beach & cliff, over sunsets... owh, this is quite similar to a scene I've thought of for Summer Love.. tho ours is in the city :)

Like I mentioned, there are times when I'm kinda lost in the whole process of Summer Love.. but check this video... it hits back on the inspiration to keep doing what's right & winning!

  This video is another inspiring video. Over the weeks, there are times when the heart gets a bit 'hard' from all the negativity around.. but this takes it back. Such simple joy.. something we take for granted, at times. But just look at that happiness :)

One of the short films I watched. It may seem a lil weird for what a homeless guy can do.. but still, it's inspiring. And the people behind (Karma Tube) this short film.. on what they want to do for the world - to inspire. This keeps our series in check - for that is too what we wanna do... though not exactly in the same style :)


  1. Wow...that's really inspiring to listen to yourself. :)

  2. Wow...the last video is really's like the homeless man is a God or something. :D

  3. very inspiring indeed. but these days videos alone cant really inspire me to do anything anymore =/

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