Thursday, March 01, 2012

KL Food Hunt: KL Original Pan Mee - Kin Kin!!

Apart from the hokkien mee, the other food I think is synonym to KL is the pan mee.

The 1st time I tried 2 years back has made me fall in love with this dry spicy noodles.

And as with most cases, the question of where is the best pan mee in KL arise.

I've never really bothered much as the Super Kitchen pan mee near my old office has always been good.

But then just last week while on the food hunt, I managed to finally try the original one.. the one that I've heard do much from the foodies!!

The location was at a part of KL I'm not familiar.. and there was the familiar jam (on a Saturday).

So the journey there was one thing. but that actually didn't dampen my spirit. I was after all on a food hunt!

But the jam was only part of it. Upon arriving, the queue is really long.. and then there were some kiasu customers!

So the clock ticked for a good 45 minutes.. and we were in that oven like restaurant. Yes it was hot.

But then, the food finally arrived...! And that made all the effort worth it. It has a good aroma and the noodles were 'bouncy'. Owh add that with the half boiled egg, it's all nice & so yummy!!

And yes, it does taste as the best pan mee! Even Super Kitchen can't compare.

Truly a must try for pan mee fans and foodies out there - well at least once!!

*Some bloggers complain bout the service here but I didn't experience much of that (bad service)... just a lil which comes more from their business than rudeness.

*Restoran Kin Kin
40, Ground Floor
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1
Off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Kuala Lumpur

*Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 730am-9pm
Sat-Sun 730am-430pm

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  1. hmm... it looks better than face to face restaurant's product. will try it out so i can bring my foreign friends to eat!

    Note: is it near to SOGO?


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