Monday, February 27, 2012

KL Food Hunt: HK Style Restaurant - Calorie!

I'm not a fan when it comes to anything HK. I know some people go "ho sek wor" (so nice ar..) over HK food but well not me.

However that may just change - food wise at least.

My friend has been telling me bout this Calorie Restaurant in Sri Petaling that serves HK kind of dishes. He is a big fan of HK food, so I kinda took it with one big pinch of salt.

But still then, the way he described the restaurant made me wanna go - someday. He even wanted to have his birthday dinner there!

Anyway that someday came last week.

I went there for lunch and saw that the dishes in menu are rather unique.

So we ordered their specialties which include the pumpkin fried rice served with pork chop. Also another fried rice dish with a creamy gravy and eggs.

We also ordered the side dish - the heavenly prawns with honeydew salad.

And to our pleasant surprise, they were offering buy 1 free 1 so we also ordered the pork in tomato.

Add all those up, and we sure had a lot to eat!

The verdict? What made the dishes stand out was their signature dish of the pumpkin fried rice (that really came in a pumpkin) and the honeydew prawn salad.

That kinda made up a lot for the other 2 dishes which I felt was rather ordinary. Yea you can say it made up a lot cos the pumpkin fried rice is really delicious.. and something I'd go back for!

Price wise.. it was affordable. RM51 for 2 - yea wow!

So I guess that from now onwards, I'll keep my food options open to HK food too - tho I won't put too high expectations on the other restaurants.. yet.

Open daily 11am-1130pm (except Tuesdays).

Calorie Restaurant
77 Jalan Radin Tengah
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 90576611

*This food hunt is done for the Summer Love: KL! series Im doing. Will I feature it in the series - food wise, yes, but the only thing - its HK food (ie not local KL food).

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