Tuesday, February 21, 2012

KL Food Hunt - Jalan Alor!!

I need a few good food places/ restaurants to be featured in my new webseries - Summer Love: KL!

So I decided to do a food hunt. And where better to start off than at the heart of the city - the road famed for its glorious food, Jalan Alor.

So last Sunday, I called up 2 other buddies to go on the hunt. Well who better but the other gang in Summer Love - Arico & Ben.

We arrived somewhat early with the evening skies still clear and a lil bright. This is the beautiful moment that I like on any day.

Reading a few blogs bout food in Jalan Alor seem to point to 1 restaurant - Wong Ah Wah Restaurant.. known for its most famous chicken wing. But alas this corner shop was closed that day.

Not to be disappointed, we headed to the next road. Now, there's a few hawker stalls recommended here like the famous beef noodles, chicken rice and also towards the middle - the wan tan mee stall.

But I wanted something more like a restaurant - and a place I've not visited before. And one of the recommended restaurants is the Restaurant Muar (Restoran Muar).

At first the place looked rather empty - and I had my doubts. But soon as we ordered and the food arrived, the crowd came pouring in.

Bout the food? Yes they are tasty. The kai lan vegetables were cooked quite unique - like grinded or so. There was of course the unmistakable otak otak. And the asam fish (which was nice but a lil heavy on the fish smell). But of all, I'd come back for the fried eggs!!

Soon after dinner, we jalan jalan a bit more and just soaked into the downtown KL feel.

That then lead us to Changkat Bukit Bintang! Up and down the road we walked - with me wanting to search for the right bar that maybe we can do our shoot.

We came to a few that had some chairs and tables at the pathway.. and sat in one we thought was rather cool. So is the name - Never Mine! Well I won't name my bar such but as a patron, this is cool.

So we chilled a bit more.. with alcohol of course, despite it being a Sun night (ehem, ehem).

And soon after.. just like Cinderella, we decided to head home before it was too late. Oh but we did one more walk along both Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Alor first. Then, it was really time to head back home.

While along the way, we decided - we should.. no make that need to come back (soon) to try that Ah Wah Restaurant.. and more beer the next round. Perhaps on a Friday night when we can drink a lil more.. ahhh.. I can't wait!! :)


  1. been here like so long, i only been there like... TWICE! :P

  2. That's a great food hunt. Yes you have to try Wong Ah Wah Restaurant. I used to travel to KL for short trip getaway and that's the restaurant that I will frequent for my dinner or supper. Most of the food items tasting are above average apart from their renowned BBQ chicken wings that every table will and a must order. Hope to see more of your food blog. It can give me a better idea to eat for the next time I go KL. Thanks Qua Chee......


Oh hey, thank you for commenting! :)