Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tale As Old As Time (Beauty & The Beast 3D)

Wow it surely has been quite a while since I blogged bout a movie I watch. So what makes me wanna blog bout this?

Well, I remember a time (not too long ago ehem ehem).. that animation movies are a rare find. Disney only produced them like once a year.. and as a kid, I'd wait in anticipation for them.

The animation then were mainly fairytales.. with a fair dose of songs. Beautiful love & dreamy songs. And I like that.

So when recently I saw the poster for Beauty & The Beast to be reshown - in 3D, I thought I'd go for it, relieve some memories.. and just soak in that Disney magic once more.

Well, to say the most - the movie didn't disappoint. It's a classic story - tale as old as time!

And while I've outgrown a fair bit of the movie (the bad scenes don't scare me at all).. but the other parts of the movie still retains its charms effect on me.

I still looked forward to the 2 hit sings from the movie.. and the lyrics too.

Now the only downside of the movie perhaps? Well the 3D is not as spectacular as the other 3D movies out there today.

But for those who love a good love story, with songs.. this tale is still worth a watch. Now, I wonder what other old cartoon they are gonna remake into 3D next? :)


  1. watched it too.. relived my childhood memories! :)

  2. that's a touching movie :P but most probably suits girls more, haha

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