Friday, February 03, 2012

Owh To Chillax!

Now that the long Chinese New Year break is over, I'm sure many are back to their everyday (busy) life.

I am too.

In fact I'm kinda double the business cos apart from work, I'm also working on a new web series - Summer Love: KL! And the 1st auditions for the cast will be held this Sat (ie tomorrow!!).

But despite the busy schedule, I believe that we should Chillax as much possible too.. just to keep the stress level checked.

One of the things I do daily is to take a deep breath each time before I go to work.. now it helps of course that the place I park my car has a nice view.

Here is the view.. which I must say makes me feel like I'm in some 4 season country! (think autumn).

And remember I mentioned I have started reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid? Well, I've read 2 books now and am into my 3rd one and love it!! Personally I believe more adults should read this too.. then there will be less bullies around.

Owh and I've also been watching a lil DVD.. Tho Im not a super big DVD fan but I actually love sitting at home in bed just doing nothing but watching DVDs the whole day.. But of course, that's only nice as long as the DVD is a good one. And so far Dream High didn't disappoint. For I love their energy level in the series (reminds me a lil bit of Glee).

Now one of my new interests is also photography - the iPhone way! I have always loved taking photos from the phone for its convenience.. and ever since Instagram came along, I like it even more!

Shot & edited with Instagram

For with Instagram, photos can now only get cooler.. And like all social media platform, the best part is that it can be shared and appreciated by fellow Instagram users, which btw are pretty diversified (I do  have a good no of followers from Thailand.. kap!) :)

You can say I now spend a fair bit of my social network time on Instagran.. nearly equalling that of Facebook.

Oh yea, one other Chillax thing - having good food over good company. Over time, I've met with a fair bit of online buddies.. and just yesterday I met one more. And we met first over dinner then at Black Ball, the new dessert shop a lil like Snowflake (and Chatime).

So yea, despite all the busy schedule and a fair bit of white hair moments, I make sure to chill and relax (ie Chillax!). And this is something I wanna continue!

Chillax-ing sure makes me able to smile (at times) :)

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