Thursday, February 09, 2012


Have you seen it? The fight between KFC staffs & its customers in their store - happening right here in Malaysia? 
The video has been going viral on the social media networks! Whooaa, these KFC dudes sure looks kinda gangsterish here.

But to be honest, I'm not really that surprised when I see that video. Well, that's because last year... I too saw 2 other videos of KFC staffs in the kitchen. And the way they cook the chicken.. just got me baffled. But that was LAST YEAR.

Anyway, to be honest, these videos have hardly put a stop to me still patronising them. Well, like any other restaurants I go to... as long as we don't see HOW it's cooked, I guess it's ok. And by seeing such videos, I'd rather not see!

 But my 'issue' with KFC is not so much with all these. I actually don't like the new tagline.. which first went "So G Double O D Good". Huh? This is not some English class lah.

 Then it's now just SO GOOD, without having to spell it out.

But personally, I still prefer the Finger Lickin Good tagline. I don't get it.. why fix it if it AIN'T broken.. and still working SO WELL?

They should really have asked the public's opinion first. But that's THEIR problem.

And I think many share the same beliefs with me too. The video will not make KFC any less popular - at least not here in fried chicken country of ours. And like I said, I will still eat those finger licking good (pun intended) chickens.

 All I had better make sure, is I will SMILE at the servers & treat them nice so I too don't go on VIDEO!

Don't tell me you'll give up these over a video?

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