Thursday, February 16, 2012

Make It A Valentine's Week!

So February 14 came & gone. How did you spend your Vday?

Me - in a cheaper alternative. ie at HOME. You see, while I love the idea of love in the air & all, but I also think at times, some restaurants are way overpriced.

There is this restaurant in KL I called - the Angkasa Restaurant @ KL Tower, for example. The rate was close to RM400 per person just because it's V night. Wow, while it would be quite nice to dine up in the skies, but it makes more sense to actually book a hotel room, I figured!

Besides, on Valentine's Day, it feels like one en masse group thing. Like those flash mob, but instead of dance, it's every couple will eat together. Hmm, but "like that like not special wor".

So since the unique dining (at the top of the sky) is out of the equation, and that I didn't want to go with the masses.. there are only a few options left.

Then the question - why make Vday a 1 day affair? Sure, we can renew our love/ vows on that day. But why not make it a one week long thing? I mean, there are people (including myself ehem ehem) who celebrates birthday like 1 week long, so why not Vday too?

valentine's bear

And that's what I did this Vday.. well not exactly 1 week long tho, but close possible with all the time constraints.

The day before.. we jalan jalan and had dinner at the mall (it was some new Korean restaurant). Well to some, this can be like an everyday affair, but for me, this is quite a luxury nowadays.. for ever since work has started, and all the other things I'm doing, mall-ing at weekday nights is quite something!

Anyway, like I said, it can be a fun thing to do.. cos after dinner, we were chilling at the cafe. Owh, and we did check out some fun stuff like the toys below. Now if only they are cheaper, I'd surely get these Southpark figurines.

southpark toy

The next day - Vday, we just a simple (but still yummy) dinner at home. Yeah, that's what we did. No rah-rah or fanciful dinners. But just.. some home cooked roasted chicken. Mmmm mmmm...! (yea, it's that yummy!).

I don't know bout you - but homecooked dinners are always nice. In fact, living in the city, at times.. it's more 'valuable' than eating at restaurants. So, this was definitely something special.

vday homecooked dinner

Btw, Valentine's is still not over yet. I think we can continue the 'Vday celebrations' this weekend. Maybe a treat to the movies would be a nice option - Gold Class perhaps? And maybe then we can have another round of dinner - this time something more luxurious since restaurant prices should be more 'sane'.

So yeah, may the Valentine's continue.. and love in the air grow & blossom still.

Finally, to all love birds & love bears out there, here's to a Happy Vday Week! :)

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  1. haha! I don't cook so Eric brought me out and had dinner! Darn I hate the jam!


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