Monday, February 06, 2012

Last Year? I Met A Cow.. Mr Siew Pao & More

So, I've been reading Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.. and this post is kinda 'inspired' by it.

Well, of course, he wouldn't have met a Siew Pao Man being in foreign land altogether, but it's his style of writing about the others he meets in his life that gets my attention.

Anyway, I did actually meet this Siew Pao Man or Boy, I'd call. In fact, I did more than just meet him.. but worked with him on some projects.

That's how I see this Siew Pao boy.. EVIL in siew pao disguise. 

Why is he called the Siew Pao Boy? Well, cos... err his face does look like one. But well, who am I to judge? I mean, I have never been one to call people by their looks no matter how BIG the head is.

Anyway, the thing bout this Mr Siew Pao is that he sure knows how to impress - on the 1st meetings/ or first few weeks of working together. But as weeks turn to months, I begin to see what a tasteless siew pao he is... that he is really shallow.

That's actually okay.. if he is not arrogant. And that.. owh well, is the last straw. I've been reading his tweets previously (since he claims to be some online media guy), but as it goes.. the tweets are full of paos  & if anything else - hot air.

But the one thing I must respect this Siew Pao guy is how he pulls himself off first. I believe many will believe he is a can-do-man/boy..  and for that he can go far despite the big head (pun intended). A pity he is not into politics..

The other person who I met last year.. a Cow. Now she is a little similar to the Siew Pao guy in some ways.. but while the Siew Pao is direct (& rude/ arrogant) from the start, this Cow looks really decent & pleasant.

She may not be pretty but well, people will think she is an angel. At least for the start. I did too. But then, she once made a statement that she was upset she wasn't popular enough, and it was MY fault.

Then I knew WHO she really is.

So when I saw this video on Facebook the other day, it did remind me of her - though I think even the girl on this video looks better than the COW.

The other weirdo I met last year is supposedly a BOSS. Well, even with a company with 2 staffs makes you a boss, anyway.

While I've heard of many stories of him before, but I have always given him the benefit of the doubt. Till one day, I got a Facebook message by him. He thought I'm poaching his staff.

I called him to clarify, but he ignored them.. again saying that I called him cos he thought that by through phone call, nothing can be black & white. Oh, my.. a weirdo - CONFIRMED.

Well needless to say, he was DELETED from my Facebook list immediately.

One other person I met last year who had a BAD impression on me is this lady working for an academy. Lets call her MOUNTAIN (don't ask me why).

I called her for business, but she was rude the 1st time. I thought - that's okay.. I'll try again. But when I called back the 2nd time she made comments like
"No price in your email.. So your product is Free?" ... knowing very well that we need to discuss the services her company requires first before talking bout any pricing.

Being a NO NONSENSE person, I reported this to her boss, but she didn't take it well.

Owh well, one more weirdo confirmed & deleted from the list.

There are many others whom I've met over the years whom I'd like to shoot as well (like a lady turned Mermaid and another a hot Mama R who is a lil way over her prime).. but I'd rather not waste my energy on them.

I guess these people came to my path, so I know how to differentiate what is GOOD vs EVIL.. and to be more alert in the future.. Plus the fact, that these Cow, Siew Pao & all do make life somewhat interesting in an otherwise GOOD world.


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