Monday, August 20, 2012

Ma Maison Singapore

Bout 2 weeks back, me & buddy went into the island city of Singapore - again. Well, you can say that we kinda needed a break after from the Summer Love: KL! productions. 

It was a simple holiday.. the fact that I've lived 8 years there previously. But this time, I promised myself to get into some holiday mood & see somethings differently. 

I remember my friend  Ben CMX mentioning about this restaurant that he really likes a lot in Singapore. Well, even I have not heard of it before despite having lived in Singapore that long (okay, I wasn't too adventurous then.. ehem ehem!). 

I whatsapp-ed Ben, and asked for the name of the restaurant.. and told Aric that we have to try it! And so we did head to this French-Asian-Hawaiian fusion restaurant - Ma Maison

Entering the restaurant, we are greeted with an array of sumptuous cakes! I knew I had to try some of them, at least! 

We found our table in the midst of a cluttered restaurant. But in a nice & unique way. 

There is a kind of atmosphere in the restaurant. Not sure if it's French inspired? Feels a lil retro. 

I ordered my food - which was a set meal. That means it came with the salad and soup. Bread as well. The soup was delicious, and the bread was well served. They took the effort to warm the breads. A plus point for cafes, and which can even outdo some hotels in this area!

That's Aric's meal. "The spaghetti is nice.. not too dry like some places". He gives the food a 7 out of 10. 

My main course is the hamburger steak (yes, I'm a big fan of hamburgers!). 

The food that arrived was pretty much as per the menu. And like it, it doesn't come with any buns. I love the sunny side up - cooked simply the style I like - half cooked! Eaten with the patty, it was really bliss! Just like the spaghetti, the meat was juicy too. 

Owh, and then I had to top it off with the cake. Was a lil sweet, but I wasn't complaining!

In all, Ma Maison have a satisfied me! Will I be back? Probably yes - not only for the main course and dishes, but to try out the other cakes!!

The outlet we visited is at Bugis Junction. 

*Interestingly, they break their timings into 3 parts:
Lunch 1130am - 230pm
Tea Time 3 to 5pm
Dinner 6 to 10pm (except for Bugis & Parco where dinner starts at 5pm on Sat, Sun & public holidays). 

Their full outlet list as below: 

BUGIS outlet
200 Victoria Street #02-51 Bugis Junction

CENTRAL outlet
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-96 The CENTRAL

PARCO outlet
9 Raffles Boulevard PARCO Marina Bay P3-03

9 Raffles Boulevard PARCO Marina Bay P1-27

TONKATSU by Ma Maison
#02-35/36 Mandarin Gallery
Tel:(65) 67334541

Hawaiian Kitchen ALOHA Ma Maison
201 Victoria Street 
#01-12 Bugis+ (formerly iluma)
Tel:(65) 68844471


  1. The food looks nice. But I love the deco and the ambiance. Feel so homey. :D

  2. food looks fine to me, but was the sauce over-powering for the hamburger steak? looks a bit too much for me...


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