Sunday, October 24, 2010

Call Me Batman, Can?

Last Sunday was a super fun day.. was my 2nd round of photoshoot. Though the photographer for the day remains the same (JRN Portraits), but there are 2 other differences this time round.

First, location - it's outdoors @ Sooka Sentral. Heard of it, but never been there despite its close proximity to KL Sentral. But oh well, its about time.. and I must say, it's really a cool place!

And secondly, I'm not alone. I've got 2 other guys with me this time round, who btw are my partners for my new Entrepreneurs Group (more of that soon).

We sure had some great fun.. trying different poses - one with casual wear and the other more formal.

Yeap, here you go.. me in one of my err many Batman tees.. and my official solo shot for Eleven Angles!

*What is Eleven Angles, u may ask? Well, more of that soon! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Im Batman!

Recently Ive been toying the idea of taking some cool studio shots. Spoke about this to my photography buddies Photogmao & JR from JRN Portraits, whom I'm working with for my current project (about that in another post, soon).. and the photography duo agreed for the shoot.

Wanting the shoot to be different, I thought of a theme for it and came up with the idea to make the theme be Superheroes.. for I do like superheroes anyway.

I conveyed this to them, and they agreed.. so, I brought along superheroes tees for the shoot.

And, here's the outcome. Yes, I am Batman! :)

quachee batmanThe shoot was pretty fun - with us trying a few different poses.. which we thought would relate to the theme Superheroes.. or in this case, Batman.

Btw, I think this pose above suits the t-shirt pose that Batman is in.

Apart from the poses which I worked with the photographers, I also like the play of shadows & also the blue colours in the photos which gives some feel to the whole Superhero theme... all I can say is "really cool lah!".

Btw, apart from the Superheroes shots, we also did a close up.. and here it is.

quachee malaysia media entrepreneur
Thank you, Photogmao & JR... you guys are cool!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kay El - The Batman City!

Think Batman movies.. and one thing that may come to mind is a dark city.. with some buildings being lit up only, while the rest remain super dark.

Well, this may surprise you.. but being in the streets of Kay El do give me an impression that this beloved city can be Mr Batman's city.

Check these out.. and you might just agree!

kay el batman
First, lets start off with the 2 towers.. sure, we are used to it, but think about it.. Mr Batman can be having his office just on the top.

kay el batman nightOkay, still the towers... but look at the effect when it gets dark.. ooouuhhhh...

kl tower batman
Or at another tower.. when it starts to get cloudy.. Yeah, I can just imagine Batman jumpping from above!

kl batmanAnd if the Twin Towers are his office, the surroundings have to blend.. well, how bout this? Can you imagine Batmobile sprawling the streets here?

kl batman city
I like this shot most.. this sure gives the Hollywood feel for Mr Batman's movie to be filmed here!

So what do u think about Kay El being Mr Batman's city? It will be cool, eh? (cool for Batman, cool for Kay El!).

*Coming up next - some Batman alter egos!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Thank You, NST, The Star & Yahoo!

Had a very cool email last Thurs. It goes with something like this.

"We've heard about your many projects in media and publishing and we'd like to interview you for a profile piece, for our Saturday column called Young Inspiring Malaysian."

I thought that was cool (getting featured is always cool - what's more on a section called Young Inspiring Malaysian!). Ping ponged a few emails back & forth.. and the meeting place was set on Friday @ Bangsar Village 2.

Right on time, came this very nice journalist who then began the interview. Once interview was done, I just asked - "so this is gonna be for which Saturday... tomorrow?"

"Yes". And the time was already 3 plus. Oh wow!

True enough on Saturday, the feature came out and here it is:

nst young inspiring malaysian

It's my 2nd time being featured in the NST and of course, I was like in cloud 9 - for the whole day! (super Saturday it was!) Anyway, here's to share the good piece: Inspiring Young Malaysian - Inspired By All Things Media.

Btw, this follows 2 good news we had just the month before, where my online bookstore, was also featured in The Star & Yahoo News! (first time here! Yahoo!)

So, to NST, The Star & Yahoo- many many thank u! Also, to the NST journalist for her kind time & writing my words as per the interview (friends say it sounds just like me - really?).

And to all friends who've been encouraging me from Twitter & Facebook - thank u too for yr wishes :)