Sunday, October 24, 2010

Call Me Batman, Can?

Last Sunday was a super fun day.. was my 2nd round of photoshoot. Though the photographer for the day remains the same (JRN Portraits), but there are 2 other differences this time round.

First, location - it's outdoors @ Sooka Sentral. Heard of it, but never been there despite its close proximity to KL Sentral. But oh well, its about time.. and I must say, it's really a cool place!

And secondly, I'm not alone. I've got 2 other guys with me this time round, who btw are my partners for my new Entrepreneurs Group (more of that soon).

We sure had some great fun.. trying different poses - one with casual wear and the other more formal.

Yeap, here you go.. me in one of my err many Batman tees.. and my official solo shot for Eleven Angles!

*What is Eleven Angles, u may ask? Well, more of that soon! :)


  1. Looks more like combination of Clark Kent with batmen ar =D

  2. Looks like Clark Kent lah the second last pic :D But still.. I LIKEY!

  3. How come you didn't show picture of you saving the day? :D

  4. hahaha batman eating kuaci! :p so no more kuaci but batman! mwahaha seriously looks very yeng! :D

  5. Opps...haha...looks like I'm the latest to comment on this particular post. :P

    Anyway, to sum it up....QuaChee is Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne is Batman thus QuaChee is Batman!^^ Make that a super duper de cool Batman! ;D


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