Monday, October 04, 2010

Thank You, NST, The Star & Yahoo!

Had a very cool email last Thurs. It goes with something like this.

"We've heard about your many projects in media and publishing and we'd like to interview you for a profile piece, for our Saturday column called Young Inspiring Malaysian."

I thought that was cool (getting featured is always cool - what's more on a section called Young Inspiring Malaysian!). Ping ponged a few emails back & forth.. and the meeting place was set on Friday @ Bangsar Village 2.

Right on time, came this very nice journalist who then began the interview. Once interview was done, I just asked - "so this is gonna be for which Saturday... tomorrow?"

"Yes". And the time was already 3 plus. Oh wow!

True enough on Saturday, the feature came out and here it is:

nst young inspiring malaysian

It's my 2nd time being featured in the NST and of course, I was like in cloud 9 - for the whole day! (super Saturday it was!) Anyway, here's to share the good piece: Inspiring Young Malaysian - Inspired By All Things Media.

Btw, this follows 2 good news we had just the month before, where my online bookstore, was also featured in The Star & Yahoo News! (first time here! Yahoo!)

So, to NST, The Star & Yahoo- many many thank u! Also, to the NST journalist for her kind time & writing my words as per the interview (friends say it sounds just like me - really?).

And to all friends who've been encouraging me from Twitter & Facebook - thank u too for yr wishes :)


  1. Congrates bro. You are on the news. Woohoo! ;D Perhaps next in google?

  2. congrats congrats again...Next target is Times magazine i suppose? XD

  3. Congratulations yea! ;) Inspire more ppl!! especially those youths! heee

  4. Woohooo...again, congratulations QuaChee!^^ I can see that you're able to harnessing the power of attraction~ You're doing great!

    Kudos and keep up the good work, ya? This time, attract even bigger things into your life~ Selamat berjaya, jia yu & vertrinichayam! ;)

  5. Congratulations QuaChee!!!! You made us proud :D

  6. yo...feel so bangga to have known quachee :) and next time can tell people quachee is my friend!! lol


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