Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kay El - The Batman City!

Think Batman movies.. and one thing that may come to mind is a dark city.. with some buildings being lit up only, while the rest remain super dark.

Well, this may surprise you.. but being in the streets of Kay El do give me an impression that this beloved city can be Mr Batman's city.

Check these out.. and you might just agree!

kay el batman
First, lets start off with the 2 towers.. sure, we are used to it, but think about it.. Mr Batman can be having his office just on the top.

kay el batman nightOkay, still the towers... but look at the effect when it gets dark.. ooouuhhhh...

kl tower batman
Or at another tower.. when it starts to get cloudy.. Yeah, I can just imagine Batman jumpping from above!

kl batmanAnd if the Twin Towers are his office, the surroundings have to blend.. well, how bout this? Can you imagine Batmobile sprawling the streets here?

kl batman city
I like this shot most.. this sure gives the Hollywood feel for Mr Batman's movie to be filmed here!

So what do u think about Kay El being Mr Batman's city? It will be cool, eh? (cool for Batman, cool for Kay El!).

*Coming up next - some Batman alter egos!


  1.'s so cool! Batman is in Malaysia lar!^^ You take super duper nice photos lar, QuaChee! I love it! Do keep taking beautiful photos, ya?

    Hmm...imagine QuaChee as Batman. What do you think? I think he'll make a super duper awesome Batman lar of course! Hehehe.... xD

  2. Wow...out twin tower is so damn famous now. :D

  3. mwahaha!! sure cool! how bout spiderman?? :p i love the last pic the most!! very yeng!

  4. wahhh....i looking forward to it...Batman appearing on Petaling Street will be awesome...kicking ass and send bad ass to Pudu Jail..oppss Pudu Jail no longer there..LOL

  5. Quachee, it is official: Our new Proton Waja 2 Lancer is called Proton Inspira (unless if the flyer is fake). :)

  6. hahaha i have the batman t-shirt!! we can be mr. batmen :)


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