Tuesday, August 15, 2006

About Me: QuaChee

Some Background
I am a Malaccan who studied in Malaysia all the way till Form 6 (equivalent to A Levels). After that, I furthered my tertiary education in Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore. Course: B. Acc.

What Have You Been Doing?
In 2005, I joined a course which helped me realise on 'urgency' and on living my dreams. At that time, I've been involved in insurance and real estate, but I knew that I wanted something more than just being an agent.

I took my first real step into publishing when I published Batik Inspirations - featuring top batik designers, published in Nov 2005.

batik inspirations book
International Edition

There was a second editon on the book, a localised Malaysian version - Batik Inspirations: Editions BLUE which featured messages by some prominent Malaysian leaders released in 2007.

batik book
Malaysian Edition

The 2 editions are available in a few majore bookstores across Asia - Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia (Jakarta), Taiwan, Hong Kong and Seoul. It's also available in Amazon. And I'm proud to say, that up to today, the book is still going strong in the region.

In Aug 2008, I finally realeased the 50+1 Malaysia book. This is another dream project, bringing people who love the nation together to showcase what they love about the country. This book creates a first for being an independent view, not from us publishers, but really, the rakyat and tourists themselves.

Current Works
Finally, I am glad to announce that I can embark on my other big dream - film productions, which is currently in the works.

A few new websites are also in the works + the revamp of The Malaysia Page site.

Publishing Dream
My aim is to lead my company to become a leading publisher from Asia - not in terms of quantity but quality and outreach. So far, there are not many Asian publishers making a mark globally. And I hope my company can change that and inspire as many people as possible :)

On Modeling & Acting
I do model for advertorials. It is a hobby & passion for me (and yes, a source of income).

On acting, in university, I played some main roles in the stage performances. And I've done a bit for Mediacorp and Jack Neo's Jteam.

My aim is to be an entertainer in my own way & style ie. not a 'manufactured product'. This may take time, but I think eventually it will be realised. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't need to work with the big companies which I think I will someday soon. The only difference is I have a control & direction in my works.

Business Ambition Defined
Apart from myself as an entertainer, my business goal is to build a global media network if I can humbly say so. It will encompass publishing (books, magazines, comics), films/movies, music and photography - with internet as the platform. That's why you can see my works are headed that way.

Of course, I have other dreams related to the lifestyle-entertainment industry as well like F&B, properties, and hotels. But, that is still a far dream at this point.

About This Blog
I started this blog in 2006 not knowing much about blogging. But recently, I've learned more about it, and it is really quite fun. I've actually known more blogging friends along the way - it really is a whole new community out there.

This blog is mainly my personal take on subjects close to me. As I'm living in Singapore and doing a lot of Malaysian business, so at this current moment, the focus is on things from both countries. Eventually, when my company expands regionally and later gloabally, hopefully by then I can give a more global outlook. But till then, let's focus on the 'lah' & 'leh' :) And also some bits of travels in Asia.

I've also created a new segment of this blog, where I interview and featured talented & inspiring Malaysians & Singaporeans every bi-weekly. I have always believed that we have the talents, and all that we need is exposure.

For this blog, I try to focus on the inspiring parts as much as I can, keeping this blog close to its initial aim - that is to inspire. In between, I do share my business & entrepreneur's journey.

Well, that's about me! Thanks for stopping by :)

*If you want to reach me, contact me via blog@quachee.com.

Published: 26 April 2008
Last Update: 2 November 2008


  1. hi. thanks for leaving a comment in my blog...

    Your profile is interesting...:)

    anyway nice to meet u..:)

  2. hey quachee, i am doing my own website. since you good at words, need your advice. thank u, let me know if you be able to assist. buy you makan or credit your good will. thk u x 2

  3. hi karen,

    thanks for dropping by as well :)

    chai latter
    sure, i can help. email me blog at quachee dot com :)

  4. Hey Quachee, nothing wrong in my opinion for doing too much :) hehe, we all have aspiring dreams. The onyl problem is do we have the time to do them all. But glad to see that you are moving in the direction you want. Cheers man.

  5. hi aronil

    thanks for the encouragement.. ya, a dreamer i am haha :)

  6. cool profile!
    and u publish books too ;-)

  7. thanks NuxV :) yes, books part of my life now haha

  8. Got the 50+1!!
    Thanks Quachee, a really great job done. Hope to see more creative publication of yours.
    All the best

  9. QuaChee,
    Many thanks for the 50+1 Malaysia book. I will be referring to it often when I travel !!!:0
    What is your next project?

  10. @syafiqhusni
    thank you too :) glad you like it hehe.

    really glad you like it. my confirmed next project is online productions :)

  11. Hi QuaChee,
    Thank you for dropping a nice message on my blog..

    Of courselah, once Malaysian, always Malaysian....

    BTW, I'm impressed with your works (Batik Inspirations)..keep it up and I'll be your regular visitor on your blog too!

  12. Hi QuaChee,

    It's nice to know you, and anyway thank's a lot for leaving your nice message on my blog. ^__^

  13. Quachee,

    Thanks for leaving your nice comments on my blog.

    I had a lot of fun in Kuala Lumpur, it's become my favorite city in Southeast Asia now. Great food, interesting people, cool bars and restaurants. I definitely need to visit again.

    Good luck with your career.


  14. hello quachee, thanks for visiting my blog. i wish you well on all your endeavors :)

  15. hi Quachee,

    I want to download this template (eblogtempalates.com). But when I ‘preview’ it, it reads:
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The document type declaration for root element type “html” must end with ‘>’.

    Can I know how to fix it? :D
    I saw u on that

  16. @hanim
    thanks. we malaysians must unite together make malaysia proud :)

    thanks :)

    thank you. yes, i think like many other cities kl has many faces to explore. but do also visit the other places where ull see diff parts of the people :)

    thank u. words like these encourages :)

    i think if u did the same error as me was that i initially went to 'copy & paste'. but rather than do that, u should just save the file then upload it back. just make sure u have all yr widgets saved :)

  17. Hi Quachee,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I'm visiting your blog and am inspired by your work and the life you lead.

    Yes, I am a photobug and am still saving up for my DSLR. I planning to buy a Canon. Any suggestions?

  18. do always drop by my blog and comment again, altho mine not as god as yours :). i meant, thanx!

    i went to KK twice as am working in Borneo and it it as lovely as the pictures. its one of those places you should experience it to feel it.

  19. Hello yup if there ever is a time to pursue our dreams its now : ) All the best for THE latest project. I'm sure it will be a success. Thanks for inspiring : )

  20. hi...i'm from malaccan too
    ur blog is interesting...
    i'm glad to hear from u abt big bibik information
    big bibik has not acted in drama for so long ..
    my grandmom and mom love to see bibik in the coming show ...

  21. OMG QuaChee, you're actually that old in the blogging world arr? Since 2006 wei...means you're about 4-5 years my senior. =.="

    Wah...I really can and have to learn a lot from you lar. Can I be your apprentice? I'll listen to your every word and work hard. Hehe... xP


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