Monday, March 23, 2009

Kuching Chinatown & Kuching Little India

My travel in Kuching city continued from the Waterfront to the Chinatown & beyond... However with rather limited time, I had to breeze through these places.

Nevertheless, I managed to see a fair bit of the heart of the city.

Kuching Chinatown

kuching chinatown carpenter streetOne of the places not to be missed is to walk along the Kuching Chinatown.... which is at Carpenter Street and its other lanes.

kuching chinatownThe road is quite bustling in the day, with many types of shops & businesses. For tourists, there are quite a lot of good food here (more of that to come).

kuching chinatownSome of the lanes are quite unique - very narrow, yet the buildings well taken care... not something most people would associate with small lanes.

kuching chinatownThe place is quite nice for photography as it captures the heart of Kuching.

kuching chinatown, hiang thian siang ti templeOne of the temples along Carpenter Street is the Hiang Thian Siang Ti Temple.

kuching chinatown, hiang thian siang ti templeI was lucky to have taken this near the Chinese New Year period as the temple was decorated with beautiful lanterns.

kuching old courthouseNot far off is the Kuching's old courthouse. The place here is serene, with its shady trees.

kuching old courthouseThe courthouse currently houses the Sarawak Tourism Board Information Centre (btw, do u think it feels a bit like an old school? :) ).

The courthouse seems to be like the border - as beyond it is the Little India.

Kuching Little India

kuching little indiaGantry to Little India.

kuching little indiaThis is a colourful street, catered to both locals & tourists. Tourists would enjoy the tshirt shops here with its unique designs. Despite my rush, I did have a look hehe!

kuching little indiaAnd interestingly, there is this passage. Curious, I walked through it.

kuching jalan gambirIt lead to the Jalan Gambir, the road by the waterfront. I find the shophouses here quite unique. Btw, there was a mosque in the lane.

kuching jalan gambir orangeIf Chinatown is bustling, so is this area... with many fruit stalls, grocery shops and some stalls selling spices & herbs.

kuching jalan gambir sotongI thought this seller selling squids (sotong) was quite unique. They are quite large!

My time was soon up, as I had to rush to catch the flight. If given more time, I would have loved to spent more time - seeing the daily lives of the city folk.

But my little time there was good enough - seeing some parts of the multi-racial Kuching/ Sarawak.... And I mean some parts, because I found out that there's so much more to multi-racial in Kuching just the day prior. And that's up next :)


  1. Your photos of Kuching's chinatown reminds me of Malacca's chinatown. I enjoy walking through these parts of town with old shophouses along narrow streets. Lotsa wonderful sights to take in.

  2. Wow, I must have walked down those streets more than 5 times (hunting for food). Sigh, wish can go back and enjoy the laidback holidays again.

  3. Lovely pictures. The temple is really nice and you were there the right time, during CNY. The shop with the colorful windows is so cute. Thanks for the tour, QC.

  4. These places just make me want to go on a holiday! : )

    The squids are indeed big! I thought only seafood from KK are huge. Here too?

  5. Kuching is a real nice place. Many cheap and good food there. Seems that you already enjoying your stay there. You should have some late night out at Padungan. You will love it.

  6. First time in here.

    Interesting pictures....

    I would love to visit Kuching someday :)

  7. War...there are so many places to visit in Kuching huh! The photo i Love the most is the Kuching's old courthouse! It looks really serene and relaxing. =)


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