Sunday, March 01, 2009

Unique KK

I find Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, a very unique city - something quite different from the other cities in Malaysia... making it quite a good place for photography.

Here are some things which caught my atttention... (just hope I didn't look too 'foreign' while taking these).

unique kk, sabah flagI find it interesting that many shops hang the state flag outside their shops. Sometimes this is with hanged with the Malaysia flag as well.

One from West Malaysia may be a lil amused to see flags beeing hanged despite it not being any special occasion like Hari Merdeka (National Day).

unique kk telephone boothThought these public phones booths are new, but I thought they are quite unique - hardly see them back in my hometown or even in KL. These btw were taken at Jesselton Point jetty.

unique kk graffitiNot far off the jetty is this abandoned building... but rather than looking dull and torn, it has these set of grafittis all around the pillars. Thought they look quite cool, and rather well done!

unique kk men sewI also thought it interesting that there were so many sewing booths, all these around the market area... and interestingly, it's all manned by men (have always thought sewing were by ladies, but I guess this is semi tailoring in a way, which is also a man's industry).

unique kk newspaperMaybe some of you already know this. But for me not seeing the usual newspapers from what we usually read got me quite surprised.

And interestingly, for this particular papers, they come in 2 languages - for the price of 1 (there's a Malay language segment in the English daily).

unique kk big leafI saw this big leaf at the Sunday morning market - that is really one huge leaf! But wait, that's not the only big thing I saw though...

unique kk big fish 2Of all, this is the one that is most unique to me... when I first saw it, I couldn't help myself but to just go clicking away, for I've never seen such a big fish in my life before!

Btw, the towkay (big boss) is on the right - see the big smile... what a catch!

unique kk big fishIt is a really big fish - and a heavy one too!

I really find these interesting, and like I said, quite different from what we usually see back home. And I guess this is what makes Sabah/ KK charming in a way as a holiday destination - as like many, we travel to see things which are different from our usual lives.

Btw, the uniqueness doesn't end there - there's one more to come: the KK wet market!


  1. The area where the phone-booths are looks nice and clean. The booths remind me of the ones overseas as in London. Yeah?

    Nice pictures. Thanks.

    Poor fish.. (kena caught)

  2. Wahhh big fish (what kind of fish is that BTW?)..big leaf..should go there myself to visit this place!

  3. That's one whopping big fish! It's been a while since I last visit your blog. =(

  4. scrolling through the first few photographs, i can't believe it was actually sabah! i thought it might have been some overseas' country. :D

  5. The towns and cities here have identities of their own, quite different from those in West Malaysia...and the people too. You do not get to see so many Malays and Indians...and there are the local natives. In KK, you may see many Filipinos too.

  6. great, Quachee.. i have never been all these pics look interesting enough... sabah and sarawak are both alike i guess.. they r like on their own.. perhaps one day they might break away from us.. men on sewing machines? yes, pretty unique la.. :)

  7. Indeed KK is quite unique. Especially the big fish. Must visit one day.

  8. Like those telephone booths! Looks like from overseas. The fish is so big! Is it only in KK people catch so big fish cos I don't think such big fishes are caught in West Malaysia.

  9. @day-dreamer
    ya, it is haha :)

    glad u like em hehe. btw thanks lots for supporting this blog :)

    yes, do visit kk - i think lots of people will find it charming. btw the fish name - not sure. but the boss will chop it into small pieces for his steamboat business :)

    yes, welcome back haha. i guess uve been busy ya :)

    ya, sabah is really quite unique & different. and that makes it a nice holiday spot hehe :)

    spot on! i totally agree with you - i find east malaysia much more multi cultural, and the heritage so deep :)

    oh u must visit these places - i really think they are quite unique and different. i would love to go back haha :)

    yes, do. haha. btw air tickets there are quite affordable now :)

    ya, when i saw it, i was amazed too! but even some of the locals were, though maybe not so much as me haha!

  10. wah!
    Why so many big things one?
    Big leaves, big fish....


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