Friday, March 06, 2009

KK Waterfront Market

What is a holiday destination without good food, right? Especially so for us Malaysians who really find good food a hobby & pastime! haha.

Well, there is an answer for that here in Sabah, or KK to be exact.... at this open air market, the KK Waterfront Market.

kk waterfront marketI chanced upon this... as this place is near the markets at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens.

kk waterfront market nasi gorengAt one glance, it does look a lil similar to the pasar malams.... but walk further, and once again, one will find this evening/ night market unique - and very different, just like Sabah.

kk waterfront market, fried murtabakStalls were selling many local dishes from fried rice, mee goreng, mee java and many more... including this rather unique fried murtabak.

kk waterfront market chicken wingThe all time favourite, the bbq chicken wings were also available, with quite a number of stalls selling them.

kk waterfront market big fishThere is also a segment of the market selling raw/ uncooked seafood & poultry. Can't help but to take photo of the huge fishes!

kk waterfront market bbq seafoodMoving on, I came across this segment of bbq food! Wow! I remember friends saying "when you go Sabah, you must try the seafood"... so that's what I did!

kk waterfront market bbq seafoodMany people were already feasting on the seafood, and I knew this got to be good, super good!

kk waterfront market tiger prawnFirst I went to select the type of seafood - there were big tiger prawns and even fishes. However, these didn't catch my attention... cos I saw this:

kk waterfront market sotongYes, just look at the big sotong (squids)!

kk waterfront market bbq seafoodAnyway, after selecting the type of seafood, the seller then bbq the food on the spot... I was waiting in anticipation, of course!

I was getting hungry by the minute haha!

kk waterfront market sotongAnyway, not too long later, the bbq squid arrived... which to me is the best squid I've ever eaten. The best part is the egg in the middle which was really yummy! (words just can't describe!).

Yes, it's that good. So good that I went back the next night to the same stall to get another helping of the deliciuos bbq squid! :)

To me, this itself can be a reason for me to come back to Sabah.

But 0f course, there's more to Sabah's food.... and that's coming up next! :)

*The fish were only at RM5/ fish, while the tiger prawns range from RM20 and above (wow! - yes, I literally went wow. haha).

The sotong was about RM18 (for this sizeI chose... there were smaller size ones too). Some may find this a lil steep, but I say - it's well worth it - and will wow you in every sense! :)


  1. The last time I visited KK, I fell in love with the place (except climbing up Mt KK)and the seafood. I like visiting markets..there's so much to see and marvel at.

  2. I don't quite like squids! The tiger prawns look good! : )

  3. Wow Sabah looked very interesting. I always dream of eating one of those big big prawns! I wondered how they would taste like... I want to go Sabah too!!!

  4. It's that a Shark?
    Hm....really look a like.

    The Squids really make me hungry. Honestly the Seafoods over there are excellent! It's a paradise for seafood lover.

  5. it is in KK but looks like it could be any where. the enjoyment is in the taste. i been to this place you blogged about here.

  6. the grills definitely look appetising, i am super hungry now, hahaha!! :p

  7. OMG! Cheesy lobster??? You make me very hungry now!!!

  8. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.



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