Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More KK Markets

Markets, market, and more markets... Yes, there are a few other markets apart from the Gaya Market & the KK wet market. But I'm not complaining.... as like the wet market, these markets have 'character' too.

The KK dry market

kk dry market fruits

Fresh fruits are sold in this market. I like how they stack the fruits up.

kk dry market vegetable It's not a big market, however, I like the lighter & happy mood here... especially with some kids around.

The Filipino Market

filipina market sew

Just beside the dry market is the Filipino market - which is one of the recommended tourist spots for souvenirs. Outside, some men are sewing.

filipina market

Inside this 'market' is a host of souvenirs for tourists - from keychains, jewelleries, fridge magnets, traditional crafts, and more. As I already bought some souvenirs elsewhere, I kinda breezed through here.

filipina market tshirt
However, the t shirts did catch my attention though, which I found some quite unique.... but, as I didn't see any orang utans (saw the proboscis monkeys instead), I didn't get any.

The Salted Fish Market (Pasar Ikan Masin)
I think of all 3 markets, this is the most unique one of them all - a whole market dedicated to salted fish!

pasar ikan masin kk gingerThis is quite a unique market even from afar. There were lots of things being dried, making full use of the sunny sun.

pasar ikan makin kk fishGoing closer, I saw some fishes being dried - again, the fishes are always relatively big! By passing by these, one will know that this market deals with lots of fish - dried & salted ones.

pasar ikan masin kk dried fish

More big fishes - all put out to dry. Interestingly, there were no smell however.

pasar ikan masin kkThe market front - with its big signboard. Tourists from most likely West Malaysia can be seen buying some to bring back.

pasar ikan masin seaweedDried salted fish were not the only ones for sale. There were other dried seafood, including the heibi (dried shrimps).

pasar ikan masin kkPrices here seem not fixed, and one can bargain - up to nearly 50%!

Well, that's about all the markets I covered in Sabah. They are quite a handful - and I guess the proximity to the sea is one reason for this.

And though I'm done with markets, but not with seafood - and this one is coming up next! (keep out for it, as it's really the best seafood I've ever tasted!)

*These 3 markets are all side by side along the same row, together with the KK wet market at Jalan Tun Fuad Stephens.


  1. Very nice! Haven't been to one of these salted fish markets. Interesting. Thanks for the sharing, QC.

    No smell? Interesting. Any fly?

    I'm eyeing the sea-cucumbers in the second last picture.

    The picture of dried fish with the tail showing is so cute. It's like the fishes are shy burying their head down. LOL!

  2. Eh, I thought KK suppose to be more modern? My sister told me so hehe.

    Maybe she overrated about it haha especially the seafood part :)

  3. @happysurfer
    like the way u describe the fish haha! ya and i dont remember seeing any flies :)

    i think she went to the other part of town, which is being developed.

    but i like this place here as it is :)

  4. Hmm in case you go to Sarawak let me know :D

  5. @faisal
    i did go actually. it was after my kk trip :)

  6. Ah ok. Did you manage to meet other blogger like Suituapui?

  7. those monkey tshirts sure caught my attention. should have ask you to get me some or something. joking. :p

  8. unluckily couldnt. as he didnt receive my email :(

  9. It looks like market in Koh samui...

  10. hey ur blog is nice n i like ur picture too...:D

  11. Hi Q.Chee...
    Apakhabar? Very nice blog. Banyak cerita tentang Sabah didalamnya. Tahniah dan teruskan berkarya... nice to know you

  12. Hi Qua Chee..
    U know what..actually I'm in midst of completing my report (office)and found ur blog..(^__^) U wrote a very interesting thing..and made me wanna read more..I'm from Sabah but working in PJ.I'm glad u can sense the 'uniqueness' while u were there..and I found it is very exciting to explore more about other culture as well.. I believe in people who have huge dreams and highly motivated like you.. Jia You..!!! Nice knowing you...

  13. I like the dried fish sticking up from the basket. Usually, they are laid flat to dry in the sun.

  14. Hey Quachee, how come didn't go visit the Orang Utan in Sepilok? Then can buy the T-shirts lah : )

  15. Ah it's ok. Maybe next time :)

    Btw, the sotong really looks yummy! I like BBQ sotong a lot.


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