Monday, March 16, 2009

Kuching Travel Tips

I decided I'd make full use of my trip in Borneo... visiting 2 cities - the other capital, Kuching.

kuchingFrom KK, I flew to the Cat City! Btw, is that the Sarawak river?

kuching airportA short flight and soon I arrived in this rather impressive Kuching International Airport - which though small, but looks modern.

kuching airportAnd like in the KK airport, 'Maya Karin' was there to welcome me! Haha!

Next, it was time to head to the hotel.

I took the cab, which has a standard fee of RM22 (btw, to get around Kuching, one can use the meter or bargain a price).

Kuching Hotel
Though the hotel is in the heart of Kuching city at Jalan Abell (which is really near the riverfront) but the taxi driver wasn't too sure bout the location. Guess it's because this hotel is rather new.

Anyway, the issue was solved fast by me passing the phone to the taxi driver - for him to get directions from the hotel staff.

kuching hotel brookes terrace
When the taxi driver stopped, I stopped too... for I was impressed from the outside upon arriving! (remember, this is a 'budget' hotel).

kuching hotel room hallI was even more impressed inside.... "this sure looks good! what a deal!" (this btw, is the rest area/ living room).

kuching hotel room bed
The room kept up to the hotel's exterior image - comfy bed with some simple decoration... just see what simple decoration can do!

kuching hotel roomThis is one spacious room. Though the toilet could be improved to look a lil more posh, but overall, this hotel is really not bad... not bad at all, in fact!

For this hotel is really in a good location, which allowed me to walk around to the many shops nearby including the bazaar and the riverfront area (approximately 3-5 minutes). And the price - reasonable: I paid RM85 during the promotion period :)

Brookes Terrace
291, First Floor
Jalan Abell
Kuching, Sarawak.

Next up, some of the things I saw in Kuching :)



  1. curious to see what kind of pics u will take in contrast to tz and jonzz

  2. Yeah, I must agree that Kuching airport is impressive. I took some shots of the exterior during dusk and they turn out really well.

    Nice hotel exterior - very historical.

  3. Lovely the green shutters. I must visit Kuching too!

  4. Never seen this hotel before. In fact, I rarely venture to Abell Road

  5. This hotel looks nice!

    I would certainly want to visit East Malaysia one day.

    Who is Maya Karin anyway?

  6. Impressive!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just curious, which website you search to get all this NICE budget hotel? Care to elaborate?


  7. welcome to Kuching.
    What place(s) r u going to visit?

  8. Looks like a really nice hotel and the price is not bad too! Will keep this hotel in ind when I visit Kuching in future :)

  9. hey ... i think it's a season to visit the Meow Meow city ... kakaka :p I was two weekend ago for 6 days :)

  10. welcome to meow meow city, born in kuching and live in kuching for many years, i'd never heard or seen the hotel you mentioned before. haih! btw the river you seen was about to land or somewhere in between? it could be Mighty Rejang River or yeah you're right Sarawak River if it's near Kuching.

  11. i have never used an aeroplane

  12. to all blogger khakis... wow, im surprised so many from sarawak are commenting on this post! thank you - honestly u guys inspire me to complete this series :)

    haha, i would like to see that too. hehe

    hey ru a photobug too? :)
    and yes, the exterior does seem historical :)

    @mei teng
    yes, do visit kuching. ull like it there. i think everyone will - for its really a nice town & the people - i think the best in malaysia in friendliness! (more on that soon) :)

    @borneo falcon
    wow really? sometimes i think locals dont do the same things like tourists haha

    yes, do visit east malaysia - i was there for the first time, and very pleasantly surprise. its a nice place.

    maya - she's one of malaysia's top actrees :)

    its shh, the secret is out haha! :)

    thanks. actually im back already. was only there for 4 days. visited a fair bit. more of it to come - and i love kuching. it really is quite nice - esp the people :)

    yes, the hotel staffs are friendly too :)

    ya, now with budget air and prices getting cheaper, its good time we go visit east malaysia & kuching :)

    haha, that's cos the hotel windows are upstairs. and likelihood u might have drived passed by. btw, the hotel is just not far from the malls, and same road as the quite popular sarawak laksa :)

    the river - ya, i was about to land. oh ya, now u mentioned, i remember learning on rejang river :)

    hey benghui! thanks for dropping by. study hard and get your dad to promise you to take aeroplane if you do well! :)


  13. welcome to sarawak.
    i never stay in hotel whenvisiting kuching since i woould normally overbight at my uncle's place. so i wonder how much is brooke's terrance per night?

  14. I'm late. Haha.

    But seriously I really like your tips here. Kuching Airport beats Senai by a hundred times in terms of appearance lol. And the budget hotel, are those LCD TVs in the lobby and the hotel room? Wah even 5-star hotels don't have LCD. :O

  15. Too bad I didn't managed to catch up with your post lately! Anyway it's good to know that you are in the city of cats...MEOWWW! Did you bump into catwoman? :D

  16. Welcome to land of the hornbills. Spread the word about Sarawak's beauty. You have touched just the city..hope u had time to explore o-toursim that Saawak is famous for.


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