Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysia Merdeka

malaysia merdeka

"Tanggal 31... bulan 8, '57... Malaysia Merdeka, Malaysia Merdeka"... the song that is synonym to the Merdeka month.

Despite this rather patriotic & joyful song which goes into my head each time this Merdeka month, however, I can feel that the mood this year is quite different.

This year does seem a quiet/ quieter Merdeka for all Malaysians. Maybe we can't compare with last year's 'peak' of all Merdeka celebrations, where the nation's celebrated its 50th birthday... But even comparing it with previous years, this year's Merdeka seem a far cry from the usual.

I remember clearly when in school, Merdeka month is a month that I look forward to every year. I love seeing the flags on the streets. There is an air of joy, a sense of pride and a big dose of happiness.

The flags would cover the streets & its buildings. It felt that the shops were outdoing each other, trying to hang the Malaysian flags (sometimes the state flags too) to get attention of the passerby. Colours of blue, red, yellow & white were everywhere.

I'm wondering if I'm just imagining or is it really true... it could be that I was younger then, and being in school or during the teenage years, everything seem merrier, including Merdeka. Ie. the mood didn't change, but it's just me growing up?

But the more I think, I get the feeling that although growing up do change the outlook somewhat, however, the Merdeka mood really is quite different today.

And my guess is that Malaysians have many things going through their minds today... which are far from the celebrations.

Yes, Malaysia has gone through a lot the past months - just see the daily headlines and we can understand the 'bruises' the country have been facing, what more the people.

Well, one can say that it's not just us in Malaysia, as even our Asean neighbours are facing their internal problems... And even the 'cool-er' North Asian countries or Western counterparts are also having problems, many related to the current economic slowdown.

But, whatever reasons it is, it is with a heavy heart that the nation is not fully rejoicing whilst it goes past beyond 50 (I say not fully because there are still some/ many who look forward to Malaysia's Independence Day).

So while I still strive on my last year's wish for united & supportive Malaysians for all things Malaysia, my this year hope is for us to go back to the very basics of what makes us, Malaysia & Malaysians.

Comparatively, we have come a long long way, despite all the challenges being such a unique nation we are. Truly, it is admirable for a small & very diverse nation like ours.

So, moving forward, it's really for us (everyone including leaders, government, private & the people) to at least continue with the success formula we've been using to move ahead, doing the best we can with full pride & joy.

There are many factors in this success formula, and it may take some time for us to reflect. But, deep down, we will know the answers.

Finally, to all Malaysians, Selamat Hari Merdeka (Happy National Day!)... and I say this with full pride. Malaysia Merdeka... Malaysia Merdeka... !


  1. I feel it too. Less celebration mood this year. Probably with all those political fightings and price increases, people are in no mood to celebrate. Anyway, Happy Merdeka to you QuaChee and to all Malaysians!

  2. I know I have said it before but I m going to say it again..Quachee, You Are A Really Patrotic...A True Malaysian!
    You really take effort in bringing out the goodness of being a Malaysian....
    Salute to You..
    All The Best In Your Inspiring Dreams...

  3. quachee,

    i have got your book from the post office this morning, that is a lot of effort man! thank you so much! you have made Malaysia truly wonderful^^

  4. Aku menangis pada Hari Merdeka.
    (I am Crying on Merdeka (Independence) Day.)

    1. Aku menangis kerana rakyat Malaysia telah hilang kegembiraan dan perasaan terhadap masa hadapan negara yang diimpiankan dan tidak seperti semasa Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman melaungkan “Merdeka!”.

    (I cry because Malaysians have lost the joy and hope of a future Malaysia as wished for unlike the times when the late Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted "Merdeka". )

    2. Aku menanggis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia sendiri yang bercakap, berfikir dan bertindak memecahbelahkan rakyat dengan penuh perasaan perkauman dan keagamaan masing-masing tampa ada perasaan kebangsaan dan kesahabatan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who talk, think and act to divide the citizens with their own racists and religious thoughts without a care for nationalism and friendships.)

    3. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang lebih mementingkan sendiri dari negara apabila timbul isu-isu parti, jawatan, habuan, kuasa, kawan, kesahabatan dan keadilan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who care more of themselves rather than the Nation when it comes to issues of party, posts, rewards, power, friends, relationship and fairness.)

    4. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat dan keluarga mereka yang masih belum mendapat keadilan sewaktu dipenjarakan, ditindas, dirompak, diugut, didiskriminasikan dan tidak juga dibenarkan bersuara.

    (I cry thinking of some citizens and their families who have not obtain justice while being imprisoned, oppressed, robbed, threatened, discriminated and not even allowed the freedom of speech.)

    5. Aku menangis memirkirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang masih hidup Kias Pagi, Makan Pagi; Kias Petang Makan Petang walaupun Malaysia sudah 51 tahun merdeka.

    (I cry thinking there are still Malaysians who still live from Hand to Mouth everyday, even though Malaysia has already achieved 51 years of Independence.)

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  5. Received the 50+1 Malaysia book, thanks for the book & Happy Merdeka to all Malaysians.

  6. ho yeah happy merdeka!
    (spirits of merdeka are roaming in my room lol)

  7. Yeah, feel that it's quieter too this year. Maybe the people do not have the mood to rejoice due to the current political situation.

    Anyway, Happy Merdeka Day to you!

  8. Yes, the atmosphere is clearly different this year. But I just hope that all Malaysians will unite for our country when it matter most. =)Anyway, happy belated Merdeka!

  9. Good job Qua Chee,,I'm proud with you.You really shows that you're MALAYSIAN.See you....

  10. to all,
    hope u had a great merdeka :) for those who received the book, glad you guys like it hehe. the least we can do to promote our beloved country :)


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