Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taipei, Im In Love With You..

Taipei, it has been 2 years since we met... and though the last encounter has been brief, but ooooh, the memories has been wonderful. You were the only city that I've fallen in love with - right away. No, not even Bangkok or Manila had that attraction you had...

So, when it was time to re-visit you again, you can guess how excited I was! I was excited from the night before.. on the plane.. yeah, just like this pic, I was on Cloud 9 - just the thought of seeing you, again!

Ok, so what were the things I enjoyed this 2nd time round being with you..

1. Super Cool Hotel: You Made Me Comfortable!

While I know hotels are not as cheap to some other holiday destinations like Bangkok, but still, I'm surprised with my find. Despite the room being a lil small, but the bathroom in this particular hotel rocks! I could watch TV while brushing my teeth, or while doing my big business. You sure made me comfortable, Taipei.

In fact, you made me so comfortable, that even breakfast was super! Your restaurant is so well decorated, making even the Queen envious, I'm sure!

2. Cool Weather: You Made It Just Right

It didn't matter that it drizzled in the few days that I was with you. The raindrops were a cool getaway from the humidity that I'm more used to back home.. but you know, I love cold (at times), and you made it just right at 18 degrees!

3. Smelly Tofu: You Made Me Learn To Smell

While some may go oooeeey gooeey with your superly popular dish, but to me, this is one delicacy I would never miss when I'm with you.. The aroma may take a while to get used to but the bites are crunchy and yet soft. And the taste.... ahhhh, what shall I say? :)

4. Baby Apples: You Made Me Smile

While I'm used to all things big, but you showed that when things are small, they can be just as good, or better. Yea, Taipei, you showed that Size do matter - in the opposite way!

5. Dumplings: You Made Me Full

From baby apples, you do seem to offer lots of other small round things.. like the dumplings. It was a daily intake for me - for it was easily available, affordable and of course, yummy!

6. Cool MRT Design: You Made My Eyes Open Wide

I've always loved the designs from you, Taipei. They are creative & unique... from your unique tees to even menu designs. But I've seen some of those my first time round. But what I didn't see was this well decorated MRT. You sure know how to wrap things up, Taipei!

7. Hot Springs: You Made Me So Pampered

And one of your attractions, Taipei, your hot springs.. While I must admit that at first, it wasn't on my top priority, but friends said that this was a must try... and I'm so glad I did. Your hot spring is well taken care of, and makes one so pampered.. with all things natural!

8. Fishing At The Night Market: You Made Me Remember The Simple Things In Life

While I'm rather used to night markets selling raw meat & vegetables, but it was one to see people play games like in the fun fairs and another to see one fish for prawns as a game.

It was just one special moment I won't forget that despite you being a city and all, there's still that part of you that is back to basics and to the simple things in life.

9. Signage On Your Road: You Made Me Stop

Just like your designs elsewhere, even your road wants attention.. with eye catching signs (at least for a tourist like me!).

10. Wide Roads In The City: You Made Me Feel Free

Talking bout roads, I love the size of your roads. They are so wide and seems to make traffic smooth. Sure some other places have them too, but somehow it's with you that I feel so free! (just like opening my arms wide despite it's not in the countryside!).

11. Open Mindedness: You Made Me Less Shy (*blush)

Coming from a 'conservative' country, you breathe fresh air, Taipei. There's no hush hush about things.. In fact, you take one step further, and dare to show it in the open - living the spirit of "have it, flaunt it" - and to add, make it creative along the way.. just like this 'hot' dog here!

12. The Buzz: You Made Me Excited

While some cities try to liven up themselves, you just have it from within. The busy streets added with big bright & attractive neon lights make youself full of life & energy, that even rivals the many other Asian cities I've visited!

13. 'Picturesque' Streets: You Made Me Go All Fuzzy Inside

When not on the big wide roads, but instead on your smaller roads & streets, I can still feel you. There's a certain cosiness in these streets - the signboards, the creative spills, and maybe also the friendly Taiwanese that when put together makes oozes a sense of warmth inside.

There you have it, Taipei. Revisiting you has been one of the highlights for me this year. It's really great to be connected with you again.. And though, I'm now back, I do hope that I'll get to see you soon. For really, I'm in love with you...


  1. oh... i never had a chance to travel;....

    hey what a high tech CR it was.. amazing...

    and the organ-shaped food is damn so funny hahaha
    by the way, thank you for dop[ping by at my blog and living your comment...
    have a great day and happy blogging

  2. Aww....reading and going through your special and uniquely written post made me smile and feel so warm inside, QuaChee. :))

    You really did put in a lot of effort and creativity into the post and it really shines plus I bet it touches your readers' hearts as well like how Taipei touches your heart. ^^

    Next time, I hope I'll too be able to visit and experience Taipei and be touched by it's unique culture, heritage, food and its warm people. :D

    But for that to happen, I've gotta earn big and save a lot of money first. Hahaha! xP It might take some time but I'll definitely be there one day~

    I can't wait for your next post, QuaChee! Keep it coming! ;)

  3. By reading through the whole post...I know how much you heart Taipei. :p

    And I know you like the extra hot hotdog. LOL :D

  4. i love taiwan too!!!! will go back for sure... i have many friends there keep asking me to visit them lol

  5. HELLO THERE! :) Looks like you have fallen in love DEEPLY with Taipei eh? Even though the photos looked like the weather was gloomy and rainy, you declared love all the same. That's what I call unconditional love! :) I have booked my flight to Taipei next year and after reading your post, I can't Wait!!

  6. wow! so nice! haha fell in love with this post! wat a creative way!! :D

    oh the hot dog looks like rocket! hahaha

  7. Actually the only thing I dun like about taiwan is how congested those narrow roads can be...other than that, everything is exactly what u wrote..i like how taiwanese can appreciate good design in terms of almost everything..much like the singaporeans..malaysians should learn from them.

  8. hey, what a creative friendship you have made with Taiwan...yeah we r on the same plane...din notice that too...

  9. "While I'm used to all things big, but you showed that when things are small, they can be just as good, or better"

    Someone kecik is tingling all over that you NOW love small things QC! Muahahahahhahahahaha... what a confession... I go book that PINK car for you NOW! :P

    Of all things in Taipei.. I very suka that thing you ate that made you blush! hehehhehehehe...


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