Wednesday, December 26, 2007

School Of Hard Knocks

Im just taking an English phrase describing a conversation with a friend recently.

Friend: "People like challenge."
Me: "People actually like success."
Friend: "Through challenge, people succeed."... How true indeed.

I doubt people actually like challenge, but more so the sweetness of success. But like my friend mentioned, success normally comes well after lots of challenges.

And for people to taste success, some have to endure the hard knocks, to which some refer like banging against the wall a couple of times before finding the right path.

We may need to endure the knocks. Just an example, the works I'm doing (mainly The Malaysia Page & Malaysia Book) still has me reeling from the lil 'bruises' from the so called knocks. Many works & ideas have been bounced, tried & tested - of which many have been turned down or didn't have that spark bright enough. However, there seems to be a lil more light, with a new set of ideas & direction, and though this changes the initial idea quite a fair bit, but it most likely will see it through.

Although challenging, I take heart at real life lessons. For example, looking at Colonel Sanders who started his first restaurant business next to the gas station with 1 table and 6 chairs. His first knocks came by his many different jobs which just didn't seem right - from railroad fireman, insurance, lawyer, secretary, etc before he decided to have his hands on the restaurant business. And even while he had his restaurant which he started at age 40, he kept perfecting the recipe for years. The hardest knocks came by when he was securing franchises - going from restaurants to restaurants. And after lots of perseverance from the knocks, he had more than 600 franchised outlets and to which he finally sold his company to a group of investors.

So, a question posed - "Is school of hard knocks well worth it?"... Well, the answer, yes, as we should finally taste success.

*Info on Sanders found on various sources online.

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