Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chicken And Egg

I've noticed that this saying 'Which came first - the chicken or the egg?' is rather apparent in the business world, or in fact in our everyday lives too.

One example in business is that without any experience/ previous projects (or credits), this may limit the potential for future businesses or sales. This is one of the barriers of entry for new companies, and is one of the most challenging one.

Another example is when business associates take a wait & see approach, basically waiting for other associates to do the same. And this 'chicken & egg' process is repeated, which may cause lots of delayed time.

In our daily lives, one of the most apparent place where the 'chicken & egg' scenario may appear is during job applications, where past experiences are good for the resume. The 'chicken & egg' here would be, without securing a decent/ good job, how is the applicant to prove himself & get the experiences he/ she needs?

Well, here is a 'one catch all' solution for situations like these. The idea is to continue doing what we do best, and slowly, but surely move forward. This may require us to take longer routes, or more difficult & challenging paths. But the idea is to continue moving forward and improving ourselves, even though our march forward could sometimes just be an inch. And though it may take time to build up the reputation & credentials, but it will be well worth it.

I've realised this by reading the biographies of successful businessmen or even star personalities. We may think that the huge MNCs are built overnight, but in fact, the people behind them have had hard times prior, especially in selling their ideas. Just read the success stories of Bill Gates, Google, and the rest, and you will see how perseverance & continuous building of good works/ products see them through.

In the entertainment world, some singers have entered numerous singing competitions while they were young kids, and are spotted only later when they are teenagers or some even in their 20s. And now, they are huge big global stars. Take a look at Hollywood - the stars have mainly dabbled in TV kids programs before being signed as recording artistes later on. And though many no longer become hosts, but their singing career has taken off.

So, when faced with such scenario, let's not care which comes first, but to continue striving, and success will come eventually :)

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