Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Good Year End

This 2 weeks we have 4 prominent festivities - starting with Hari Raya Haji, Tang Yuan (Dong Zhi), Christmas & the New Year. All these bringing ties closer and giving thanks to what we have... awaiting for the new year to usher.

It is heart warming to be able to celebrate these occasions with family members & friends, sharing the moments together. The muslims get-together for the sacrifice; the Chinese celebrates & eat the glutinous rice balls... christians have turkeys & other goodies.

This is the season to also forgive, forget the past and to have an open heart. It may sound cliche, but if we just be open and let our heart heal the scars, and let it be filled with joy and warmth, we can experience a nice beautiful magic. One that fills it up with love & thankfulness, and the confidence to move forward. For once the heart is healed, our hearts are light and without worries, and then we can fully embrace the present & future. Some call that the magic of Christmas! :)

I would like to wish everyone a good year end. Do enjoy your parties, dinners and get-togethers... and the many special moments with your families & friends.


  1. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year 2008 ahead =) May God grant you peace, love,joy and happiness through and through. It is indeed so true, that in order to have true peace of heart, we should learn to forgive,forget the past and look upon the future with hope and love. For we'll be forgiven if we forgive those who sins against us too.

    During this season,may the joy and love of Christmas be yours. May peace and happiness be with you at this holy Christmas season and always! May you be blessed with all things bright and beautiful at Christmas time and always! =)


  2. Thank you for sending Quill editorial your greetings. Happy Christmas and New Year to you too!


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