Friday, December 28, 2007

Old Year To New Year: Resolutions

It's only a few more blinks before 2008 ushers. And that means 2007 is about to come to an end.

As much anticipation to the new year, I am currently enjoying the last few days of 2007. Of course it helps with the Christmas season and festive mood - parties & dinners with friends & relatives... and even the shopping discounts, where the malls give some of the best bargains of the year. The post Christmas, pre - New Year sales are really good with huge discounts.

But more so, this is a time to reflect our journey for the year - the ups and the downs. It is also the time to sort things out before we start planning for the next year. This is a good time to do so, where the mood is calm & less hectic, giving time to lots of time think, reflect, and strategise.

And doing so is important as then it creates a space that is clear and 'empty' for the past is then set aside (with good points noted). And now, this space is ready to be filled up with new ideas & new things, basically for our resolutions & goals for the new year. It's just like 'having thrown the old paper, and now having a clean white sheet to start upon'.

Some may set new directions, while others set new higher targets. This then gives a feeling of excitement & to an extend, butterflies in the stomach. Whatever it is, this gives a good feeling of joy, happiness & a sense of power (of being able to achieve).

This mood transition from calmness to excitement sets the right pace to then usher the coming year with a bang! :)

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