Saturday, January 30, 2010

When Korean Girls Cry

Have you seen how Korean girls cry? Well you may not have seen them cry in real life, but I'm sure you've at least seen 1 (if not many) Korean girls cry through their drama series.

So, what's so special about their cry?

Well, I think they cry in style.
You see, Korean girls don't really cry. In fact, they only tear.

And they do it beautifully of course, first by getting their eyes all swelled up.
Then their teardrop slowly rolls down the cheek, while the girl stares straight right ahead, hardly blinking in between. So what we see is this
pretty big eyes all watery and moist...

And all the while she cries, she sits with an upright posture, giving that feeling of being in control yet very tender.

Now, that's what I call crying with style....
the Korean girls show that crying need not make girls look 'ugly'.
And so far, it seems that the Korean girls seem to pull this off best - for unlike other TV shows in the region, the Korean actresses hardly wail, weep, scream or rub their eyes with fingers, hands... or anything else to jeopardise their good looks.

But instead,
it's a cry with one's beautiful features still well highlighted, and if anything, just shows how much more beautiful they can be!

*This is just my take - based on watching Korean dramas. For the girls, you do not need to be offended if you don't cry like that haha. But, the next time you cry, try crying the Korean (drama) way - you might just get things your way - easier :)

*I also believe that the other drama series in the region can improve their ratings & quality, if they adopt some of these techniques by the Koreans... they after all brought that Korean wave!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bao Bao Pan Mee

Pan mee, pan mee, and more pan mee. That's what I've noticed here in the Klang Valley. I used to think it's hokkien mee with KL, but now, I'm thinking that the king of noodles is the pan mee.

Anyway, that's not a bad thing - for really, the dry pan mee is really good here! While the soupy ban mian (pan mee) rules in Singapore, but nothing beats the super dry (chili) pan mee here in the Klang Valley!

bao bao pan meeSo goes my search for the best pan mee in the Klang Valley... and the first stop: Aman Suria (Petaling Jaya).

bao bao pan mee opening hoursTo be honest, this wasn't my initial stop. I was told that Aman Suria had this very popular Cha Cha pan mee. And I had wanted to try - but alas, it closes early (9pm)... Alamak!

But just like the saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens.
Walk a few doors down, and low & behold, there is another pan mee restaurant!

bao bao special dry pan meeI was recommended the Special Dry Pan Mee - with the flat noodles. Now, I've tried a few pan mees in town to know what a pan mee should taste like -
smooth noodles & delicious ingredients that make you 'slurp'.

But somehow, this special pan mee don't seem to have that same effect, and I must admit I was a lil dissapointed.

bao bao pan mee garlicBut all is not lost here. A friend ordered the Garlic Pan Mee (thin noodles)... and when it came, it sure had that pan mee look. The ingredients were right - the dry chili, the ikan bilis (anchovies) & minced pork. And true enough,
this pan mee tasted good, just like what pan mee is meant to be!

With the Garlic Pan Mee (and I must repeat - the thin noodles) as the saviour, this restaurant sure is a good try if you are looking to chomp on some yummy noodles - even if it's after 9!

bao bao pan mee chiliBtw, if you are a chili fan & always want to cook your own pan mee at home, you can take away their special sauce & dry chili... now, you too can cook some pan mee!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Try. Seriously

Have you asked a question and heard a reply "Ok, I'll try".

Maybe I should ask how many times you've heard that statement... for it has been used so often, so much so that it becomes a standard reply to most questions that require one to think or make a commitment.

And the keyword here is commitment. I've read this in a book (A Different Chinese) that one giving such a statement is just
buying his/ her way out (ie in other words creating a back door)...
that no matter what, do or don't (or succeed or not) - he/ she has at least tried. Meaning, such people place less importance on the results...

In fact before I read that book, I must admit that that was also in my vocab... But not anymore. And this seems to be a positive effect.

So today, if I hear this statement, first, I'll smirk... then follow up with a question (well to people I think place an interests in me btw):
"Ok, seriously, don't try... is it a yes, or a no?" (btw this is asked nicely - sometimes with a smile).

Most would seem a lil startled when they first hear me making those words. Many are not used to making a decision or a commitment. And now, they have to.

Some I know opt for the easier way out and just say "No" - even though they actually can do the job/ task. Well, to me,
that's still better than a lukewarm response of "I'll try"
- which is a big maybe & big likelihood of disappointment in the end.

But I'm not complaining. Even though a NO may sound negative, but it actually gives a positive effect, allowing both parties to move on.

So, I do suggest anyone reading this to eliminate this 2 words from your vocab and see the difference it can make in your life & others :)

*The book A Different Chinese mentions that Malaysian Chinese seems inferior to other Chinese overseas because of their usage of the words "I'll try", which clearly indicates a lack of commitment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Petaling Street Roast Duck!

"Do you like to eat duck? If you like, I'll bring you to one shop in Petaling Street...
all my friends love it
!," so my friend says.

kl best duck
Well, ever since I've tried the duck in HK, I've been on a search for a good duck back home. So obviously, I was game!

"Remember, you've got to go early... cause it finishes fast!"

petaling street duckI didn't go there super early - but sometime around noon, and was relieved that the stall was still opened & the ducks still available!

And luckily too that the morning crowd at the ever busy Petaling Street was not too busy that day (well not yet maybe).

petaling street duck sze ngan chyeIt's just a small stall, but one can know that this is the stall to buy from... with people just coming & going with packet-full of ducks! (they only serve take-away, no dine ins).

petaling street roast duckSo, I've got my duck and it was time to find out - how good is this popular roasted duck of Petaling Street?

My friend who introduced mentions:
"it's meaty... that's why it's nice".

And from the look of my other friends who ate the duck, it showed that the duck was yummy (though they didn't comment much - busy eating i guess? haha).

On my side, I agree with my friend... it sure is one meaty duck, and that makes the big difference. It's definitely one of the better ducks here in the Klang Valley though I must admit that it still loses out to the HK duck I tried.

But still, I'll be back for more!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Forget Murphy, Remember Maxwell

Been doing some reading of late - with the latest book by New York Times Bestselling Author, John C. Maxwell.

maxwell lawHere's one of the things he writes in his book - The Winning Attitude.

He first shares about the law we all know:

Murphy's Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks; everything takes longer than you expect; and if anything can go wrong, it will and at the worst possible moment.

And then he does this big flip, and presents his own Law.

Maxwell's Law:
Nothing is as hard as it looks; everything is more rewarding than you expect; and if anything can go right it will and at the best possible moment.

Maxwell sure did a big flip here. But it does sounds possible too, right?

Now, it's really up to us to choose which Law we'd like to focus on :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Malaysia Best Ramly Burger?

"Ah, you mau cari itu burger no 1 di Malaysia ah... tu kat sana tu... betul, gua tak bohong you, memang no 1 punya!" (Ah, you want to find that Malaysia no. 1 burger ah.. there it is... really, I'm not lying, it's really no. 1!)
so I was told when on my hunt for the popular ramly burger in the Klang Valley.

"Tapi dia buka malam punya ah... pukul 9 macam" (but he opens at night... bout 9 at night).

best burger malaysia uptownSo when the night came, I headed to this burger stall.

The location: Damansara Utama (or like the PJ-ers call it: Uptown-lah)

Wasn't too hard to find as it's like the only Ramly burger in the area...

Surprisingly, on that weekday night, the queue was short... Why no queue for the best burger? But I didn't want to judge yet... not till I lay my hands on that so talked about burger!

The menu has a huge variety... and the easiest way out - I asked the seller to recommend. So the Special Cheese Burger was on the way.

It's intersting that I paid more attention to his cooking than compared to buying burgers elsewhere... just wanting to search for that Secret Recipe he has...

After some observation, I think it's in his style of cooking - for he sure cooks like a pro!

burger ramly uptown eggFirst, get the egg right. See how the egg white comes nicely first before the egg yolk.

ramly burger uptown meat pattyNext, place the patty right in the middle of the egg.

burger ramly uptown special cheeseAnd finally, add that cheese to make it all special!

All seems so simple, but I can see he places great emphasis to his cooking. Everything must just be perfect!

burger ramly uptownAnd so is the packaging! Forget those purple tissue wraps... this burger aims to impress!

burger ramly uptown burger malaysiaCooking style - impressive.
Packaging - very good.
Now, it's the most important thing of all - the taste.

Friend says
"Yes, definitely one of the better burgers I've tried...
not too oily btw".

Another friend says the same thing too.

And yes, they are right.
It is better than most ramly burgers around especially if you order the beef patty

But to the answer whether it is the best Ramly burger in Malaysia - well, I'm not too sure about that. Let me try more yummy burgers around KL & PJ first! (ps: where else shall I try?)

*I tried both the chicken & beef and would recommend the beef.

*The stall opens from 8pm-3am daily, and is located just opposite the hawker's centre in the main business area of Uptown.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Singapore Memories: Very Funny Singaporeans!

More Singapore memories on the way, and here's some very funny Singaporeans! These can make u laugh, maybe even more than Phua Chu Kang!

1. Dick Lee: The Mad Chinaman

Talented composer, Dick Lee, is quite a household name not only in the island city... he also composes songs for many top singers in the region including some Malaysian singers.

But back home, apart from being famous for his role as one of the Singapore Idol judge, he is also known for his funny yet very rah-rah songs, which are mainly adaptations from local Malaysian folk songs (that's what he says).

2. Hossan Leong: Under One Roof Boy To Funny Stand Up Comedian

He is Chinese but admits to speak French way more fluently. If one remembers Under One Roof, well, that's the son of the family of 4. Now more 'grown up', Hossan has since gone into being a DJ and also acting in theatre - including stand up comedies.

Like many other stand up comedians & theatre shows, Hossan pokes fun at Singapore! (now Singapore is not so strict after all!).

3. Kumar: What Else Should I Say?

Kumar, is stand up comedian to Singapore's theatre scene, just like the Merlion to Singapore tourism. He used to perform in the Boom Boom Room but now, if you are lucky, you'll see him perform in your dinner functions in Singapore! (that is if your bosses don't mind his type of jokes that is!).

*Btw in one of Kumar's videos, he kutuk Malaysia... but I forgive you, Kumar, for you mean no harm, correct or not? But I can't say the same for the rest of the Malaysians! :)

*I have always thought that Singapore theatre is lively - and better than their other media forms. Other notable funny Singaporeans in the theatre scene include Dim Sum Dollies & Sebastian Tan (as Singapore's Ah Beng)!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Singapore Memories: Singapore Singers & Songs

I'm recollecting some of my memories from Singapore.

In this first installment, I'd like to recollect something close to heart - songs, or more rightfully so - Songs by Singaporeans that have been part of my life there.

1. Celest Chong & My First Chinese Concert

It was in Singapore that I became exposed to the many Chinese songs, and amongst the many is this song from Celest Chong, who performed in the university one day. Though I've not heard of her before, but my friends & myself went to watch her perform... It was my first time attending a Chinese concert and yes, I got her album - with her signature too!

2. Stefanie Sun & The Dormintory Song

One of Singapore's most successful singers (if not most successful) & who hails from my alma malter (oh yeah!)! It was during that period too that Stefanie was at her peak and this song (Yu Jian) from the touching movie, Turn Left, Turn Right movie, just rocks! Every dormitory room could be heard playing this song!

3. Ho Yeow Sun (Sun Ho) & The Church

Ho Yeow Sun, the wife of the Pastor Kong from City Harvest Church came out with a few Chinese albums and I bought her first. There were lots of hype for the album and controversies too. Ntevertheless I think her first album is not too bad - it does fulfill its purpose - ie to inspire :)

4. Kit Chan & Hip National Day Songs

Singapore recognises its top singers by getting them to perform their National Day Songs. Done in MTV style with catchy tunes, the songs are pretty cool with touching videos to boot. This song by Kit Chan (Home) is one of the more popular ones. The other popular one is by Stefanie Sun (We Will Get There).
However, my favourite is Reach Out For The Skies.

5. JJ Lin, Tanya Chua & The Taiwanese Dream

Make a mark in the Taiwanese music industry - and you'd make it in the whole Chinese music industry. It's no wonder every Chinese entertainer is flocking there including Singaporean singers like JJ Lin & Tanya Chua. Tanya btw used to sing in English before that crossover to Mando pop! Now, that's interesting!

6. Taufik Batisah & Singapore Idol Fever

Post uni came the Idol Fever - and I think nothing beats Singapore Idol Season 1. Just like in Malaysia, the finals was intense - and eventually Taufik won (beating Sylvester Sim), and was given to sing the inspiring song of I Dream!

7. Hady Mirza & Ouch, Jaclyn Victor

I also followed Singapore Idol Season 2 quite a fair bit, though it wasn't as hype as the first season. Another close final, and Hady won (beating Jonathan Leong), given another inspiring song to sing... and also became the 1st Asian Idol! (what an ouch for Malaysia's Jaclyn Victor & fans).

8. Kelvin Tan Wei Lian & Talents Without Boundaries

From the English Singapore Idol, then came what was closer to Singapore: the Mandarin reality singing competition, Project Superstar. A huge success, this reality show saw a partially blind person winning & having a recording contract - who else but non other than Kelvin Tan. Now it goes to show that talent has no boundaries! :)

These are mainly mainstream songs and till today, I still play some of them. However, these are not the only songs I remember, as there are also many other interesting songs from Singapura - which are coming up next!... Expect to read about some funny Singapore you may not know! :)

*Other singers worth mentioning is Joi Chua, Aliff Aziz.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Choose To Be Amazing!

Read an inspiring article: 10 Tips For A Better Year.
It's a simple article yet very inspiring, and a great way to keep the momentum of this New Year going.

Here is tip no 10:

amazing life
"Make a commitment to yourself each morning that you will have an amazing day. This might include trying some of these tips like reading your 'attitude'to-do list, focusing on your health, eliminating time robbers or finding more VIPs in your life.

Remember life is not a dress rehearsal - you only get one performance, so give it your best". Neen James, productivity expert, author, speaker, trainer & consultant.

Now, mornings don't have to be blue anymore! :)

The other 9 tips are:
1. Set realistic goals
2. Focus on your health
3. Invest your development
4. Know your priorities
5. Eliminate time robbers
6. Surround yourself with VIPs
7. Make time for those you care for
8. Plan your next holiday
9. Create an 'attitude' to-do list

*VIPs here means Very Inspiring People!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Watching Lost

lostAs much as I'm waiting to watch Heroes Season 3 & 4 (which is still unavailable here in Malaysia), I've moved on to watch the rival show, Lost.

Initially, when Lost first premiered, I thought it was very Survivor like - left on an island, and try to survive. Least to say, Lost didn't really appeal to me at the start. But then again, it has high ratings...

lost survivorAsking my friends who have watched the series - they gave me mixed reviews. While a friend said its way more interesting than the Superheroes from Heroes, however, I've also gotten reviews from another friend who said that Lost is boring.

Still, reviews are personal, and with its high ratings...
"I just had to watch what this series is all about."

And personally, I find Lost so similar to Heroes in nearly every sense - there's a group of people from the world over, with distinct characters... with each having their own story (btw, even the characters in both series seem to have similar characteristics!). In some ways, this makes the series interesting.

But it's also this that makes the series a drag. Unlike Asian drama series, which mainly have 2-3 different plots going on - and most of them having forward-moving storylines, however in Lost, it's much more complicated.

This 'ding dong' effect from a character's past to another, then moving to the present day issues on the island, with many stops in between the issues... can be a bit of a drawback especially for one watching after a long day at work.

But despite all these, I'm not complaining. I still find the series quite unique and am still clocking my hours. So far, the series seem to be building up more - and I hope it can only get better :)

Have u watched Lost? What do u think? And what do u think I should watch next? :)

Monday, January 04, 2010

The ABCs For Biz & Life

It's the start of 2010, and here's some quotes for you to start the New Year with:

1. A is for Attitude.
The future is in our hands, or more so, in our attitude.

2. Make your partner look good - all the time.
Glorify your partner. Make him/ her look good, and you will too.

3. Think what will the audience take away?
Always think what you want to achieve when presenting something... what is in for the audience?

4. Story is glory!
Everything needs a story. What's yours?

5. Make it so good, they'll have to want it!
Put your passion, heart & soul into what you are doing, and it will have its rewards!

*These quotes came from a conference I attended recently - and though it's an animation conference, but still the principles can be applied in life.