Thursday, December 11, 2008

Singapore Christmas

Singapore Christmas

Throughout the region, many relate Singapore with Christmas. And the past few weeks, I've had some good opportunities to capture some of the many decorations here in Singapore.

The malls around Singapore have all been busy with their Christmas preparations and this goes beyond Orchard Road.

singapore christmas bugisThe mall in Bugis with a big tree surrounded with candies and all.

singapore christmas funanThe IT mall - Funan. This picture looks beautiful with the after rain effects and sleek roads.

singapore christmas raffles cityThe super huge Christmas tree at Raffles City with its movable lights. Behind the tree is the famous Raffles Hotel.

singapore christmas suntec citySuntec City is also going red this Christmas!

singapore christmas charityInterestingly, there is a tree made of toys inside Suntec! This is actually a call for donation of soft toys for an organisation.

Now, Christmas in Singapore would not be complete without a visit to Orchard Road which is now famous for its annual Christmas light up.

singapore christmas orchard road decorationThe entrance to the more famous part of Orchard Road. This year's theme - A Sweet Christmas!

singapore christmas lightsIf the malls already give a celebrating mood, then this long road just adds more to the festive cheer. The best time to visit really is in the evening (and after rain :) ).

singapore christmas a sweet christmasEven the lamp posts are decorated - here seen to be wrapped like a candy and with a heart shape hanged to it.

singapore christmas orchardThere are many decorations along the street all adding to the festive cheer, and this is just one of the many.

singapore christmas box presentThe whole road seems to turn into fantasy land... just look at the Christmas boxed shaped shops.

singapore christmas orchard road concertThere is also the open air events, where they play Christmas carols & tunes - what more can a passerby ask for? :)

singapore christmas plaza singapuraLike the other malls, the malls in Orchard also play a part in living to the Christmas spirit. In front of every big mall, lies a Christmas tree... some in gold.

singapore christmas, christmas treeAnd others in red!

There are lots more malls in Singapore and even Orchard Road itself celebrating Christmas, which I have yet to have the time to take the photos (I've actually yet to do my own year end bargain sale).

Anyway, here's some parting shots.

singapore christmas, small christmas treeShrunk Christmas tree!

singapore christmas, red decorationAnd finally, here's a take on my 'hard work' & 'pain' I had to endure to take these Christmas photos - going through in the rain! haha!

To all, here's wishing you a Merry Christmas! :)

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  1. Wow! I love this post! Really put me in the Christmas mood. Why do Christmas trees look so much better in Singapore than in Malaysia? I like the cute doll decoration at Orchard Road and the red Christmas tree! Even the tiny Christmas tree on the table looks nice - maybe it's your good photographic skill! Thanks for the hard work to come out with this post. I'm going to submit this to Digg. Merry Christmas!! : )

  2. lots of nice photos of spore!

    anyway, did u get d december issue of KLUE mag? u should. there's an article about u on page 23, about yer 50+1 book. im gonna buy one as a reference. whc bookstore sells it?

  3. Wow! Very nice. Thanks for the trouble. This year's decorations are much much better than one year when I was there. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Glad Singapore is back to the old times - very Christmassy. Thanks again.

    Interesting word verification: lauteing (WV speaks Hokkien too. LOL)

  4. @day-dreamer
    yes, its a good destination esp this year end :)

    thanks for the compliments haha. btw thanks for yr wishes - u have a good and merry one too! :)

    @i blog/u read
    thanks for the compliments :)

    on the book, u can actually get it in mph, times or kinokuniya... or you can actually get it direct from me (with free delivery) :)

    ya, i think there was one year when it wasnt so nice too. but the past 2 years or so has been quite good.

    surprisingly, ive read in the papers that some are complaining this years one is not good. surprising heh.

  5. btw, @i blog/ u read
    thanks for the info on klue. i didnt even know. really appreciate that :)

  6. wow!
    box shaped shops! oh mai~
    totally in love with it!

    here, the best place with interesting deco would be Selfridges

    one of my fav santa 1

  7. I usually associate Christmas with Singapore too, especially Orchard Road

  8. Wow, I could really feel the Christmas mood in Singapore! :)

  9. been to spore during christmas times many many times b4. the way the govt decorates or gets the shopping centres to do the same is really commendable

    their main target is to catch the tourists' hearts

  10. Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you! :)

  11. Ooo...I love Christmas in Singapore. Even sitting by the roadside along watching happy people go by on their Xmas shopping spree, the Xmas songs filling the was so nice! Haven't gone for a number of years now - retiree no money, and once we step in Singapore, our money in our pockets already half the value! So kesian...!!!

  12. I remember during the early years, there will be a annual competition to see which mall's decoration is the best, with Centrepoint usually taking the honors...somehow along the way, the competition was dropped, but the putting up of decorations continued to this day.

    It's been more than 20 years now, since it all began..

    Thanks for the lovely pictures you took :)

  13. Damm! Singaporeans are really into X'mas huh! No wonder my wife has been "making noises" about wanting to go there. might go there 1 day. Ha =)

  14. Hello!

    I'm a Singaporean and I have been away for so long! Looking at these pictures make me feel abit homesick.

    Won't be celebrating Christmas in SG...

  15. nowadays, people are looking for contemporary batik right? hehe batik is quite expensive though

  16. @adila
    quite unique rite these deco. i think singapore is doing the right thing for xmas deco :)

    do u go to singapore often during this time of the year? :)

    yes, its one of the main big events of the year in singapore. if you have the chance, ill suggest a visit - if not this year, next's! :)

    a belated xmas to you... and to a happy new year! :) how was yr xmas btw? :)

    yes i agree with you - its more like to capture the tourists from the region.

    but at the same time, the locals do look fwd to it too (gives a good sense of pride i believe) :)'

    so did u drive on xmas to singapore? :)

    haha. the way u say it! but agree, its a nice atmosphere. and despite it warm, its a nice feel! (really xmas in the tropics!) :)

    oh ya, the competition - i almost forgot about that. its no longer running now heh? but at least it got the ball started to make singapore beautiful this part of the year :)

    glad you like the photos too :)

    when got time, i do suggest you do - make it yr resolution next year for you & wife :)

    its usually when we are away we find home beautiful heh :) hope u had a great christmas :)

    lol - this is xmas post haha. anyway, yes ur right on it being expensive :)

  17. Hi QuaChee. Just to let you know I've taken one of your Christmas photos for my blog. I hope you don't mind! I've included a link back to your blog in my post. Check it out here.

    Just let me know if you disallow it, and I'll take out the photo. Thanks! : )

  18. Wow.. great Christmas celebration. Above all pics are amazing I would like to go once to celebrate christmas.

  19. WOW! gr8 pics. I have lived there for more than 10 years of my life and went back to visit during winter break, in time for Christmas and New Year’s!Christmas lighting along Orchard Road, Singapore’s most famous shopping district.


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