Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ice Cream, Dessert & Winter Wear In Cold Shanghai

Due to request, this post is dedicated to the the eating ice cream & dessert in cold Shanghai.

shanghai riverside promenade, pudongHere's the Mcdonald's ice cream booth that I bought the cone from. It's located at the Riverside Promenade overlooking the Bund from Pudong.

When I bought the ice cream, the lady at the counter had a 'huh' look all over her face. 'Very cold.... very cold' she says to herself in Mandarin (and maybe for me to hear?). Haha

Anyway, apart from Mcdonald's - which I saw 2 booths, there is also the Hagen Dazs cafe. And along the riverside, lies many other cafes & restaurants for dinner & desserts!

And as I mentioned, I stepped into one - not too long after I had the ice cream - call this crazy or what!

shanghai riverside promenade cafeThis is the view I had from the cafe - you can see the river with the blue boat, Shanghai's bund, with the reflection of what's behind me - the menu of the cafe (and if not wrong, also Pudong area) - wow, 4 things in 1 pic!

And btw, I'm not the only crazy one - as there were also others here in the cafe too!

Fighting The Weather - Winter Wear
Btw, I've devised a plan (which I started just today) to 'fight' this weather - I'm now wearing 4 layers of shirts - 2 inner shirts & 2 jackets! This makes me visit the cafes less - no need to rest every hundred meter!

At the same time, I feel like a Superhero! While others walk super fast or even run, I can take my cool walk. Haha! Though I must admit, this doesn't apply at night (I may need 1 more shirt in the night!).

I think that's good enough for now... btw, I'm thinking when is my next ice cream here :)

*I actually do have some videos as well - on me buying the ice cream from the counter - but I'll need to learn how to do proper videos first (which is one of my resolutions).

*Btw guys, thanks for the encouraging comments - gets me excited to post on this travel trip! :)


  1. Oh good! More photos! : ) You need to take a rest in a cafe every 100 meters? That's rather troublesome, lucky you are putting on 4 layers of shirts! If me, I think water will start to flow out of my nose in this freezing temperature! : )

  2. ok foongpc

    more photos coming up! :)

    on the rest stops, yes, initially i tried to hide in those cafes which has heater! haha.

  3. Show us the videos you took when you purchase the icecream. Wan to have a good look of the confused lady at counter

  4. @horizon
    i will, but i think i needs lots of time for that. i still am learning how to use this vcam and video editing and all! haha :)


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