Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wuzhen - Shanghai

When I went down from the hotel in Wuzhen in the morning, I was greeted with a beautiful mist.

wuzhen cold mistThe weather was really cold and it was drizzling a bit.

I then headed to a nearby restaurant to have my brunch. And after that, along the way back to the hotel, I noticed this.

wuzhen charcoalAs a foreigner, I found this charcoal quite amusing... but to the Wuzhen locals, they find the tourists amusing!

In Mandarin:
Lady: "It's so common here... but you tourists all do stop and take the photo".
Me: "Yes, cos we find it unique... and if you come to my country, you'll take lots of pictures too!"

Not asking where I'm from but seeing an opportunity, she says:
"Do you think if we sell, would you buy? It's only here you know you can find such unique charcoal".

And I thought to myself: "What a twist!"

Anyway, soon I left to the bus station (without the charcoal of course) to catch my coach to Shanghai. The 2 hour ride (46 yuan) bus ride wasn't as comfortable as the Hangzhou - Wuzhen one, but nevertheless, decent enough and quite clean.

wuzhen-shanghai busI'm lucky to have gotten the bus ticket which I purchased the day I arrived in Wuzhen, as some who didn't had to actually take the stool and sit at the aisle of the bus! (thought it wouldn't be polite taking photo of them here).

So finally I'm back again to the bustling Shanghai!

But after checking into the hotel, I was too tired to go out and explore the city. I rested the day in the hotel till night fall...

And it hit me that I needed a break from the holiday (a holiday in a holiday).

And a break I got.... before the stress later. That's coming up next!


  1. Really unique shaped charcoal, they actually went through the trouble to shape their charcoal which is actually common practice to them.

    I take my hat off to you for still having the time and energy to update your blog with wonderful photos while on the road.

    Do take good care of yourself.

  2. Am enjoying this series of posts from China. keep them coming n happy new year

  3. 1. i hate when they simply change the deal like this. then is that mean you have to stay there for a night?

    2. "i thought..." simply make their own conclusion instead of asking what we want exactly. this could be very frustrating!

    3. hotel can simply change price? omg! pretty scary tho especially to those who don't speak mandarin like me!

    4. did the manager accept the deal as mentioned in their own website? lol. this is funny!

    5. rudeness can make me mad! i would meet her boss instead of talking to her and complain! if she doesn't want to work there are a lot more waiting for the job! grr!

    6. lol. that was how he showed his anger by throwing tantrum at you. haha. you should take his picture instead!

    7. push me, push you should be number 7. no? hehe pushing can boil up my blood too! did you push back or just smile? hehe.

  4. The 1st photo makes me feel cold already with the drizzle and mist - but lovely weather to enjoy once in a blue moon.

    Funny looking charcoal indeed! Wow, the lady so cunning! And business minded. Is that typical of Chinese people in China?

    Sitting on stools in the bus? Isn't that funny? Can only happen in China, I think : )

    I'm sure it's pretty tiring for you to travel and take photos and blog as well - you definitely need to have a break from your holiday! How ironic! : )

  5. Oh my god, I've missed so much on your blog.Just a fw days of MIA (Missing In Action) from me, you had already blogged so much!

    Anyway the charcoal really looked unique. Then did you buy it? Ha =)

    It must be really cool that we all the mist! Ok, Gonna read the next post! =)

  6. @land-of-singapore
    thanks. it was quite fun blogging on holiday, though i admit was quite tiring too haha :)

    thank you. its readers like you who really encourage me to fill up my china trip :)

    ya, unique heh :)

    ya, the manager did accept it eventually :)

    no way! its so heavy lah haha! :)


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