Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Season's Greetings

Time really flew by... and now, we are already in the month of December!

What I particularly like about this month is that it's the Christmas season, which is celebrated nearly everywhere worldwide... and even here in the tropics!

Though there's no snow, but the mood here is high. It's that time of the year that people seem a lil more relax inwards - after all its already the year end, and its time to take some time to rest or relax.

Minus the snow, but we have rain here, which gives that chill cool effect, and that only makes the warmth with family and friends better.

The mood is usually very high, and the shopping centres play a big role. In Singapore, the famous shopping stretch of Orchard road is decorated, adding to the atmosphere. Apparently, this year, Malaysia is also having a competition for the 'best dressed' shopping centre! The music backgrounds of Christmas carols, the Santa's hats people wear, the chocolates & presents all gives this season a big celebrations feel!

So, it is time for the parties to roll, the non-stop dinners, shopping, and simply enjoying the company of our loved ones.

Here's to a great season :)

(Just see how the tropics here celebrate Christmas. Pic 3 shows shops afters shops selling Christmas goodies - from trees to decorations & ornaments & even Christmas CDs... What a lovely sight! :) )

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