Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Siti MSN Me - Don't Jealous

Yes, it's true. Recently I've added Siti to my MSN and we've chatted a fair bit online. In fact, I'm very surprised that she, known for her busy schedule, is able to chat with me.

No Datuk To Disturb
I'm more surprised that she always seem alone (or so I think) when she chats with me. There's no Datuk to look over her shoulder or anything like that. In fact, I can ask her nearly any question and she will usually reply - sometimes with a laugh and smile (you know the MSN language). This is pure privacy!

Even More Special
Somehow, whenever I'm online, Siti is too. Like I said, she is one busy lady.
So to see her online, that makes it very special. And she won't close the chat or say goodbye till I do so... that means she really want to spend time chatting with me! Am I in cloud 9!

English not Manglish
And to those who think she can't speak Manglish, what's more English, you'll be in for a big surprise. She speaks well and even to a small extent, she also MSNs with an American English slang. In fact, she is more comfortable in English than Bahasa Malaysia! She'd rather I ask in English - many times asking me to repeat my question in English. Is she preparing to go to Hollywood?

Best Of All
She is video-cam shy. So if you ask her to v-cam, all you get is a video showing her sporty side like her video on diving or motor racing. Of course, you get a sneak on Siti in a club/ disco as well!

But unless you are Siti crazy, I'd rather see her face picture on MSN. That is the million dollar face everyone loves... Siti really is just like a true Malaysian with her famous warm smile, big eyes and dressed in the red baju kebaya. She even has a hibiscus on her ear! Picture perfect!

Her MSN Contact
Now, she has allowed me to post her MSN contact here. But she wants me to relay somethings first:
*Siti is rather shy, so would not chat unless you do so first.

*Siti is very well versed on Malaysia and in fact seems to like to talk more on the country rather than her singing or any of her songs. Though she says it in a nice way, you get the point that she'd rather not talk on her singing when MSN. For the record, her knowledge on the history of my hometown is not too bad!

*That means she won't sing too - don't expect her to sing any songs like Aku Cinta Padamu, Jerat Percintaan, Cinta Di Atas Kertas, Cindai, or any songs from Hadiah Daripada Hati.

*She will joke with you a bit, but don't go too far. She will not scold, but in a nice way bring you to other topics. Do not get offended by that.

Alrite, now that's clear, get your pen & paper (or mouse) ready... this is Siti's MSN contact:

One Last Note
*Before you rush to chat with Siti, please note that Siti Malaysia is the virtual brand ambassador for Tourism Malaysia. According to press reports, Tourism Malaysia denies that Siti Malaysia is a part of Siti Nurhaliza, but merely a virtual icon with the same name... Now what were you thinking about? :)

sitimalaysia sing
Siti Malaysia - when asked to sing a song

sitimalaysia, on malacca
Siti Malaysia - when asked on Malacca

Siti Malaysia knows how to give in and also turn the topic around!

*Kudos to Tourism Malaysia for this initiative launched on 5 Nov 2007 (report).

On the real Datuk Siti Nurhaliza:
Siti's Concert
Siti as 50+1 Malaysians


  1. i feel cheated. i mean, i wouldn't have put it past u to actually get acquainted with siti nurhaliza, u know?

    but u cheated my feelings!!! how can u bluff us into believing that it's that siti!?!

    :( no frens with u already.

  2. T.T I really thought u chat with her since you are a writer and you probably can chat with her. Cheat one. Anyway, I kinda think it's fake one when u say she allow u to post up her MSN. Haha.

  3. heya daphne
    thanks for yr comment lol. u know its a joke anyway. haha. but i did manage to interview datuk siti nurhaliza for my upcoming book :)

    ping ping
    how lah to put her real email address on top - her management will get angry with me! for the record, i only did an email interview with her :)

  4. Wow! Nice one man! Haha =) Hmm...I wonder who's behind all this thing? The AI is quite smart. But this is good for our Malaysian Tourism! Siti Boleh! But I don't want to chat with her. Wait her datuk kill me. LOL! ;D

  5. heya tekkaus

    agree, its quite a smart thing ya... gd for ppl to know more about malaysia :)

    *dunno if this sitimalaysia got datuk lah haha

  6. Great move by Tourism Malaysia and thanks, QC, for sharing this. Awesome!

    Btw, I couldn't find a date on your posts or am I mistaken?

  7. siti woh @@ the malacca thingy very fake nia @@ but then glad to hear that you will interview with dato siti

  8. A great advertising strategy with a lot of respect and about SitiMalaysia, I wonder how many unrequited love in Malaysia for Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Hmmm....*laugh*

    Oh by the way, Quachee, if you ever bump into Dato' Siti Nurhaliza in person, send my thank you greetings to her. Her voice in "Konsert Suara Hati Sudirman" especially "Pelangi Petang" gave me another good cry which I haven't had a chance to thank her myself. *smile*

  9. heya happysurfer

    thanks for the positive comment :) wasnt too sure readers would have liked the style of writing haha... wanted to just vary my types of writing :)

    *ya, on the date, i dunno why this template cant make it appear tho ive already set it to.

  10. hi vickie
    thanks - act the interview was done a few weeks back. she was quite nice in her replies :) oh btw, we did interview the other stars u mentioned u know - guang liang (phone interview) and daniel too :)

  11. stannly

    im sure there are many unrequited love judging by her popularity! i think she's one of the rare singers malaysians from all races know... with many adoring her :)

    ill give her a note when i send her the book :) (if you want to pass a handwritten one, do let me know :) )

  12. Hahahahaha LOL! You really had me there, man! I really thought you were MSN-ing Dato' Siti Nurhaliza herself!

    BTW, if u see her, do send her my regards! I am one of her fans!

  13. this was really a funny post.. hahaha

    really.. u made everyone thought u spoke to the singer..


  14. hi amir fuad

    lol. i didnt say it was datuk siti nurhaliza in the post act haha. it was all the while siti only :)

    there's more than 1 siti around haha. but happy that u like the post :)

  15. LOL ! The thing about Malacca is so fake, it's taken straight from Mister Google, LOL

  16. hi i1chocolat

    was it? golly. haha. maybe it was because they provided the info, then some ppl used it thereafter? :)

  17. aiyo apala but it is a good write up!
    Melaka ah....

  18. hi steff

    yes, its melaka. lol... jangan main main, siti pun tahu melaka! :)

  19. wow, so it's like computerized??? pretty cool *rushes over to msn to add Siti*

  20. s0hp0h, ya from the looks of it, it is...! haha. go add siti in msn! :)

  21. Yeah, it sounded too good to be true :)

    I was in Malaysia when she got married to her husband. I found very sweet to see almost every Malaysian was watching the telly at the time.

  22. I thought you really chat with "her". Wrong guess then ;)

  23. @ilya
    thats because she's really huge in malaysia :)

    it was meant for a fun thing. but u can always chat with the other siti! :)

  24. omg! first time on ur blog...but dang...
    this is HILARIOUS!
    never knew about sitimalaysia....my bad. LOL.

  25. hi sub
    thanks for dropping by and glad u found this post funny haha :)


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