Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 9: Burning With Passion

There are many updates on the progress of the 50+1 Malaysia book.

1. We managed to trim the no. of pages down. This now bring the book to its original target of 218 pages. A lot of work went into this - both designer & myself. In fact, this was a good move, as I think the content is now 'tighter'. Kudos to designer for still being able to create beautiful layout.

It really was no easy task - having to cut down about 30% of content per page. This push our timeline back about 7 days, but I'm thankful we did :)

2. We are finalising the printer and should confirm it by these few days. There's still some quality sample checks to be done by us. We've actually shortlisted 3 - based on reputation & costs - local & overseas.

3. Advertisers are still a lil delayed - a few have come in and some replied verbally, but their designs still not in yet. Time, time, Malaysian time!

I'm not sure should we drop 1 or 2 if they are late to come in. Time is running out. Sometimes I feel it has already run out! But if they do come in, it will be good.

4. I've been a lil bit on a brain-wave last 2 days... causing me to sleep very little (unable to sleep). Not a new idea to some - well, I am tying up with a few companies to support this project. There are no monetary involvement, but both parties will benefit. Again, I'm crossing my fingers. We only have so much time to confirm all these.

5. Book cover - ah, remember the contest? I don't know how many times we've been editing the cover already, but we seem to have finally able to satisfy everyone (we hope!).

You won't be seeing the cover just yet. But meanwhile, you will take a sneak look into my own design for Malaysia. I thought that I'll take control in designing as well, to ease burden on the designer, especially our very own designs on our company.

love malaysia
It's really this passion that keeps the book alive :)

This logo is not all new, but an improved version from the previous and appears in the book.

I did 2 more totally new designs as well, but which will be revealed in the weeks to come! :)


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