Monday, May 19, 2008

It's KL Once More

Yes, I was back in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL!). It's part of my current business work and I had to meet some potential Advertisers.

Just like my previous trip to KL, I took a late night coach (1130pm). This time round I tried a different bus as I wanted to stop at Imbi Road.

So by 5am, and the skies still dark, I arrived in KL. This time round, I was not going to pay for any hotel for just 2 hours. I've done some search and found that Conorade KL provide 24 hours internet service (and you don't need to be a guest).

A short walk to the hotel, and I was soon using the internet. I actually managed to write some review on the movie I watched and did some online search. Before I knew it, time was up, and skies were getting bright.

At first, I thought I'll grab some breakfast at the coffee-house. But seeing that they do not serve nasi lemak (hey, in Malaysia must eat this lah :) ), I decided to go straight to my meeting place. I'm sure there is a canteen there I can get some local Malaysian cuisine.

I need to 'enjoy' & embrace KL!

Bukit Bintang - before the morning rush

Before I continued on this trip, I thought to myself to have an open mind - and let go of whatever I've seen KL before.

Similarly again, my first ride is the train services. But this time it is the monorail. And this time round, I made sure I checked the directions proper - don't wanna get lost in circles again.

kl monorail
The bright coloured monorail

I've hardly sat the monorail, only a couple of times - usually using the more extensive Putra line more. But I like the monorail for its space & because it's newer.

The wide space inside (& less crowded)

*Sorry the inside monorail pic is blur - took a hurried shot as didn't want people to see me like from outer space - though next up, I kena also.

Eat also want to take photo?
As I arrived my destination early and had quite a fair bit of time to spare, I went to get my breakfast. Again, no nasi lemak... so I ended with a mix match of kuay teow, nasi goreng (fried rice) & sotong (squid). Heavy meal I know.

kuay teow, fried rice, sotong, kopi
The hearty Malaysian breakfast + kopi (coffee)

Actually while taking the photo of the food, I heard a nearby table talking "makan pun nak ambil gambar" (Eat also want to take photo?). Obviously they are not bloggers - I pretend 'tak dengar je-lah' (pretend never hear anything).
(Act this is my first time posting up food photos I take - heck, might as well share afterall) :)

And like a 'tourist', I took a photo of the canteen that some of you might be more familar with everyday:
kl government canteen
The canteen

Some New Finds
The day went on with a string of meetings and lots of intervals (because of Malaysian time). Meetings aside, I saw a few 'cool' things:

Surprised - the social networking site, Friendster has a cafe in KL (trademark some more!) - of course, I doubt it's the same owners.

kl friendster cafe
Friendster in KL

And neatly in this Damansara (can't remember the Damansara name) lies this hidden garden cafe.

garden cafe, kl
Garden cafe

Looks pretty neat & new - but in fact has been running for 3 years now.

And a look at the all-time Malaysian favourite snack, the goreng pisang (fried fritters).

goreng pisang kl
Goreng Pisang.. Ah, mari! Mari! (Fried fritters! Ah, come, come!)

The reason I'm saying it's all time favourite because this lady is seeing brisks business. There are lots of people actually buying from her all day long. People from motorbikes, cars and passer bys just stop and buy.

And finally, I was ready to head back. But again, with a parting shot. This time, it's a colourful KL!

Food peddlers at Masjid Jamek
Simply see the colours from the fruits to the surroundings - now this is KL (Malaysia)! :)

*To my KL friends, sorry didn't contact you all once more - it was again a rush trip. Once I take a longer break (and once this project is over), I will call you guys :)


  1. i miss the monorail !! simple but still fun !! XD

    best of luck with your project. hehe. n thanks for the link exchange, i've added yours as well. :)

  2. wow the fried stuff looks good :)

    here in the RP, we have deepfried, sugarcoated banana slices, yum :)

  3. Hehey! Pink car.
    Hardly see one of those in msia

  4. Malaysia Boleh! Wow! It's been awhile since I last hop on one of those monorail. =)

  5. hey fie
    ya i guess all msians do esp when abroad hehe. ive been longing for the nasi lemak - will get it next time im up in kl haha.

  6. hi levian
    i find the monorail the best - maybe cos its still relatively new(er) :)

    btw thanks for the link xchange & well wishes for the project :)

  7. hey flisha

    ah, u guys have it as well - sounds yummy! maybe u can blog about it? :)

  8. 3point8

    ya it adds to the colour of the photo heh. like the photo a lot - all the objects seem to tell something - even the malay lady at the bottom left haha. yes, i was lucky to get that car! :)

  9. tekkaus

    i guess bcos the route is just within the city rite.. while many ppl live outside the city.

    but its really nice lol. tho putra is ok too, but just very cram.

  10. welcome to Malaysia. reading yr post, i looked at KL again but through a fresh perspective :) i jus got so bored of the travel while in KL...everything is so far apart.

  11. hey bengbeng

    thanks - i always like to be a traveling tourist - it gives a fresh view :) haha

    agree the journey in kl can be a lil far like pj-kl etc :)


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