Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysia

Have any of you been on a project, starting off with great enthusiasm and in between, you meet & face lots of unexpected challenges & obstacles?

Then suddenly, the 'dream' seems a lil less appealing or too difficult to achieve. And the question of giving up arise?

Well, as inspiring as I want to be, I face that sometimes. And most recent in the 50+1 Malaysia project. On paper, the idea seems beautiful - promote Malaysia, promote Malaysians & unite us together. But the workload of content, interviews & sponsors can blur that ideal dream/ image. So instead of seeing the end, at times, I see the problems instead.

What Am I Saying?
Believe me, this question has arised a couple of times when the burden becomes very heavy & when the head is stuck in mid-air (no clue what to do!). Of course, not one to give up easily, but I hear those devil voices.

Some of you have been very encouraging on the book project & that actually allows me to re-focus on the objective and get back on track. Thank you :)

So in the midsts of all these, when blurriness meet reality and dreams, I was recently 'awaken' by a new Malaysian song - uniting Malaysians.

Some of you will know by now how much I support our local acts (Singapore included) and especially if it brings the nation together. And usually these are inspiring songs - Gemilang, Melodi, Olimpik Di Beijing.

One More
And now, rather out of the blue, Pete Teo, an independent singer-composer-actor has worked together with the Malaysian artists on a song to unite Malaysia (some like Afdlin Shauki, Ning Baizura, Daniel Lee, Maya Karin are featured as the 50+1 Malaysians).

I saw it premiered on AIM about 2 weeks back and was eager to see the music video as I find it very similar in a way to my project, but this is in music rather than print. Way to go!

So without much further ado, here is the song Here In My Home - Malaysia:

*Official web of Malaysian Artist For Unity

*Music video by film director Yasmin Ahmad (also featured as 50+1 Malaysians)


  1. Bro, don't give up yet! I'm sure you won't and you can nick it! Malaysia boleh! Quachee boleh! Adversities has its advantages right? When it's harder to achieve than the reward will be more "rewarding". Ha =)

  2. hi hi~ thanks for the info on this new Malaysian song.. XD~


  3. hey tekkaus

    love the way u say it - yes, the more diff it is, the sweeter the success ! :) i think we're heading on the right track now - some new updates soon :)

  4. hi hikari & waiseng

    thanks for dropping by & commenting :) yes, nice song indeed, esp if u listen to it after a few times.. it just gets into the mood (of patriotism).


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