Friday, May 30, 2008

Colourful Drinks

Have you realised that our drinks come in so many colours? The past few weeks have had me testing out a few very different coloured drinks - some the usual we all know, and some very new ones.

First up, the morning brew of black coffee which turns brown when mixed with milk.

black coffee with milk
The morning dose

Some would opt for the usual brown tea instead - or 'teh' as they call it in the coffee-shops, which goes well with the half boiled eggs... and maybe the kaya toast!

tea or teh
Tea or teh peng

Then comes the many coloured drinks.

First off, the one we are rather accustomed to - the air bandung (the rose drink).

air bandung, red
Just look at its rich red

Talking about red, there is also the strawberry drink - in red as well.

red strawberry freeze
Just look at its red & pink - topped with the contrasting white cream

Next up, yellow. First the usual mango - but this comes with a twist. It has the pearls in them.

bubble tea, mango freeze with pearls
Remember the bubble tea craze? Mango freeze with pearls

Another yellow - rather unique: the durian drink. I just mentioned not too long ago on wanting to try a durian drink, and I did!

durian freeze
Durian freeze

Two more colours - first green.

The ever refreshing sugarcane

I also had a take of a green fizzy (or is it fuzzy?) drink.

green soda
The green soda

Finally, blue. Yes, a blue drink. And we call aliens weird. lol.

blue soda
The blue soda

So, there you have the many colours of our daily drinks. What a colourful life! :)


  1. nice to know it comes in many colors. but i hope it taste good too! otherwise, what's the point.

    i tried this lavender drink once.
    it was too WILD for me. least i tried. otherwise, i may never know what i'm missing.

    my company does it a lot. as long as they don't start getting too chatty i'm fine.

  2. yes...wat a colorful life, i meant choice of drinks.

    i want to try the durian freeze. ;)

  3. i didnt realize we have so many different colored drinks..most of them were ok quite natural but the blue colored soda thingy ...iiiks! like drinking colored chemicals :)

  4. i love the red one !!
    it looks so luring. XD

  5. wow..
    its pretty hard to find blue food...
    it's one of the lesser used colours in food!

  6. durian drink? huh! ive seen one, i eat one, sori but i never like durian.

    i hope it satisfies ur taste

    i like mango!!

  7. hi dalicia

    what colour was the lavender drink? :)

  8. hi bidarlah

    ya, that durian freeze was quite a surprise find lol! :)

  9. hi bengbeng

    ya the blue one looks weird & the taste - not medicine, but still funny. act the green one tasted funny too lol :)

  10. heya levian

    yes, the red one kinda nice - tastes nice too :)

  11. heya fireopal

    if there is blue food, wow, that would be quite funny haha

  12. hey jez

    ok, i hear you haha - not everyone loves durian i guess. but in malaysia, quite a fair bit do - guess its an acquired taste :)

  13. wow, most drinks with colouring additive...prefer not to have one.
    i only love that glass of sugarcane!

  14. I didn't know there's such a thing as durian drink. But I guess if you can have mango or orange juice, why not durian? Does it taste good?

  15. @foongpc
    its not too bad. but its not original durian juice. its those mixture ones. :)


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