Saturday, May 31, 2008

Singapore Island

I have a perception that as tourists, we always find things in the places we visit with a different angle. We could be away clicking photographs to any building or group of people or any object - everything seems to fascinate us in one way or rather.

That is why I keep myself to being like a 'tourist' - even at the place I live in, in this case, island-city, Singapore. People come to visit this city-state for its East-West image, its rather modern infrastructure and basically a bustling city on an island (surrounded with blue waters!).

So, the other day, I had the opportunity to have a meal at one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. This restaurant allows one to view the island from East to West, and even a lil up north.

So, I've 'transformed' myself into a tourist, clicking here & there, just like how a tourist from overseas would - like seeing things for the first time with awe. It gives an opportunity to feel in love with the city (again)...

singapore city
Just look at the city - so many high rise buildings - and still with some greenery. What contrasts.

Next, let's look at the city:

singapore city skyline
The famous Singapore skyline that has appeared in postcards everywhere. This is unique as the Esplanade is in the front.

singapore river, boat quay
The pub area of Boat Quay. It used to be the more hip place, but now, Clarke Quay has taken no. 1 spot. Nevertheless, this place still has some atmosphere, dining by the river. Behind, the tallest building in Singapore - the UOB Plaza One.

singapore esplanade
More view of the Singapore's Esplanade. You can see the Singapore Flyer at the back, and the big piece of land - that is where the construction of 1 of the 2 integrated resorts (casino) for Singapore. At the back, just look at the number of ships.

singapore flyer
More on the Singapore's flyer, its 'playground' area of fun & entertainment, and the surrounding sea. By the way, this is the south of Singapore.

singapore suntec city
This one shows the famous shopping & exhibition centre, Suntec City

singapore east
And finally, a lil bit on the east of Singapore. That is where the is the long coastal beach of East Coast Park is located (can't view here). Nearer to the pic, is one of the new attractions in Singapore, the hot air balloon (the one in yellow) which is near Bugis.

The views from the top really is different with a wonderful discovery of something familiar... yet reinforcing something Singaporenas forget, that we are living on an island surrounded with blue waters :)


  1. beautiful. i love the city skyline. recently went to prima revolving tower restaurant at harbourfront / keppel road. it really revolves, although rather slowly. you can see the whole harbour front view. quite nice, but the construction of the IR at sentosa uglifies it abit. anyway, quite interesting! :)

  2. wow beautiful shots !!
    such soothing views. :D

  3. heya pikey

    great view right? :)

    act there are quite a few restaurants like that in spore - places where we can see the spore view - maybe ill go check the rest lol :)

  4. hi daphne

    oh ya heard about that one. been to mandarin as well. what are the rest with stunning views? :)

  5. heya levian

    yes, the view is awesome. quite spectacular.. with quite an island view lol :)

  6. Yes, nice pictures. I live in Kuantan, Malaysia and often visit Singapore, feeling like a tourist every time. Singapore is beautiful!


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