Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bus Rides Has Never Been The Same

Have you seen people laughing or giggling by themselves? What goes into your mind when you see one, especially if one is sitting close or beside you?

He/ she could be solemn in one minute, and then out of the blue, he/ she starts gawking. Ok, maybe he/ she tries to control himself/ herself. But, still, there's that smirk or lil grin, or worse, to end up bursting out after controlling! You know the ones that goes... kekeke.. quiet... quiet... kekekekekeek hahahahahaa hehehehe!

Before you go to another seat on the bus, let me tell you that

They Are Not Crazy
This was what has happened to me in the bus the past couple of times. And don't blame me, it's actually the TV on the bus screening a funny video.

In Singapore, the public bus SBS has TV installed a few years back (called Mobile TV), but the shows have always been rather boring until recently.

Now, bus rides are pretty fun and interesting as they have been airing funny series - like TV sitcom Maggi & Me (starring the ever lovable sexy-cute Fiona Xie & Adrian Pang) and also the 80's Rewind with lead actor Gurmit Singh (yes, the guy who plays Phua Chu Kang).

These are real comedians and very localised scripts and speech, with the various races slangs too! There is the the common ah-ahs by the Malays
(ah-ah that one lah), the more prominent head moving by the Indians & their distinctive slang while the Chinese have the tamer Singlish of issit and lahs (this was from an episode of Maggi & Me).

So now, I don't drag sitting the bus, but instead kinda look forward to what is on TV!

And if the funny shows are on, I might be the one laughing controllably (hey, don't want to be seen as mad right). haha. I hope I succeed and don't become like some others who try to control their laughter but fail miserably, and finally ending up so 'pai seh' (blush).

So now rather than complaining bus rides take too long, now, it seems that the rides end a lil too fast! :)

*Btw, I guess it's ok to laugh actually - no one really moves to another seat even though you maybe laughing like mad! Afterall, laughter is the best medicine lol :)


  1. so nice~~ if only buses in KL has those too....

  2. i was into such a situation also...
    cant help not laughing... as TV mobile was screening Just for Laughs

  3. hi pikey

    ya, maybe they shld start with the lrts :)

    act china busses (in beijing) has them already :)

  4. hi fireopal

    oh ya, just for laughs are pretty funny as well. its interesting that this series got no voice except music background & yet kinda popular :)

  5. KL buses do have tv sets too. I just saw one the other day and I was pleasantly surprised though I haven't been on a bus in aeons!! LOL!!


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