Wednesday, May 21, 2008

$1 Durians

I have a feeling that it's near the durian season again. I'm not sure if it's too early , but I remember that the season for the king of fruits is usually around mid year or so.

Anyway, mention anything durian from durian cake, durian pancake, durian puffs, durian ice cream or durian juice (I'm hoping to try this lol), and usually I'm up for it.

Though I must say nothing beats eating raw durian by itself - and nothing beats the seasonal durian Malaysia. The smell is always stronger, and flesh softer - durian lovers will get what I mean I'm sure. It's not my favourite fruit, but close.

durian fruit
Array of durians

So the other day, I was at the supermarket and from afar, I could smell the unmistakable durian smell - some like it, some don't. Well, it's not over-empowering, but just a bit. And it's usually this time of the season that the smell is stronger.

Actually, I prefer buying durians at supermarkets as they are usually opened right in front of you (minus the hassle of opening one & you get to see the spread, and the price is fixed).

Ever since an incident where I paid a hundred over dollars (forced) for durian, I've never gone back to buy through the stalls, unless the price are explicitly stated.

And recently, the prices in the supermarkets are quite ok - not usually cheap, but neither too overpriced.

Durian Sale!
But, the other day, I had a shock when I saw the price of the durians - there was a sale! Yeah, surprise I was... because durians were going for S$1 a packet! (just when we thought prices are rising!)

S$1 durian packet

But you know when food and fruits go for sale, we can be skeptical at times - on its freshness, its taste, its quality, etc.

But then again, I thought, it's only S$1, and they look like Malaysian durians - so why not give a try... it can't be that bad right (sold by supermarket for sure got reputation a bit right).

The Verdict
So, buy I did. And tried I did. Well, let's say for S$1, it's ok-lah. It did have that bitter-sweet durian taste though it wasn't that strong - rather mild actually.

So, it wasn't really a 'good durian bargain' or sale for that matter, but I guess worth the try (once at least). Though for the future, I'll make sure it is much better before I 'plonk' my $1 :)

*Actually the durians were more expensive just about 5 mins before that, but as it was about to close (and you can't really keep those opened durians), they brought the price down. That means this durians were just the regular priced durians in the first place - and that just means that the season's not in yet!


  1. yummy... the more bitter the better :)

  2. hooray! ive found another durian lover! haha.

  3. The more bitter the better? Hmmmm...maybe you mean, the smellier the better? :P

  4. i agree...the bitter the better.

    and ooo best served cold, for me lah.

    ooo my fwen went to spore and bought back some durian filled puff/mochi which i must say...YUMMY! u got to try or maybe u have oledi. its in taka basement.

  5. hey bidarlah, agree - cold durians are nice! :) not sure if ive tried the durian filled puffs yet tho - but i sure will now that you tell me hehe


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