Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thank You

I've mentioned a few times now, how blogging is a new world on its own. And that one of the best part is meeting and making friends with fellow bloggers.

In fact, I've never met anyone through blogging face-to-face yet... all is very virtual! But somehow, I think there is a connection, especially if your blog is similar to theirs or they like your content.

Making friends is nice, but to get a feature on their blog is even better. Kind of a recognition lol.

The First Welcome
My first mention was on my first book, Batik Inspirations written by HappySurfer. I bumped into her blog and found it very interesting and left a comment. Then next, she wrote a post on batik and also on the book.

She wrote so well, and even know that there were 2 versions. She really did her homework alright! Her writing was such a big welcome to the blogosphere :)

batik inspirations by happysurfer
Happy Surfer on Batik: Batik Inspirations - Malaysia's Living Heritage

Entrepreneur List
Then in March, another young Malaysian entrepreneur, Daniel Carventus, is compiling a compilation of 21 Young Malaysian entrepreneurs. There was a voting and I was in the list of nomination. I don't think I made the cut of the top 21, but nevertheless, it was nice just being nominated :)

21 young malaysian entrepreneurs_ideapreneur
Apparently the nomination list has been taken down, but here is the link on the 21 Young Malaysians Entrepreneurs anyway.

Two Times Feature
Business Blogger by the name of Yuan Huann has also been doing a compilation of blogs every month end. And I was featured twice! Wow, so cool! haha.

He gives you a quick take on what the other bloggers are doing. In fact, through this, I've made a few other blogger friends! And his feature on other bloggers blogs are quite interesting! :)

bbmarketplace_listening to blogospher
March 2008

bbmarketplace, april
April 2008

He names the posts as Listening To The Blogosphere. To read on the post & other bloggers:
March 2008
April 2008

On A Serious Note
And finally, a last mention recently by another young blogger as well. Ray Chung in his online journal did a post on me - as a Spotlight on Young People.

This was a more serious take and it was great to be featured. He interviewed me via email with quite a list of questions targeting on the entrepreneurial side. He edited the answers and then put it up.

He did quite a fair bit of research as well and gave a good background on myself - he even knows my Facebook link and all the other links! Now that is one blogger who takes his work seriously! Honestly, he can be a journalist! :)

young people spotlight, ray chung

Read the interview answers: Young People Spotlight.

*I've mentioned to Ray, do I sound like that? haha

To HappySurfer, Daniel Carventus, Yuan Huann and Ray Chung, many thanks for the features. It is really a big welcome for a blogger like me! :)


  1. I make a some friends through blogging too. :)

  2. read! seems like others can introduce u better than yourself :)

    but this is normal

  3. Haha. Thanks for adding me man! It's an honour to be in your blogroll. Ha =)

  4. hi kitkat
    thanks for the visit :) interesting blog uve got there. love yr advert banner hmm haha

    lol... esp if they are sincere bout it ya. feels good hehe

    hey the pleasure is mine too :)

  5. Well, I've my account started up here and there since April. There should be a lot more for me to learn and of course, I need to get used to this live journal writing. Sometimes I'm not too sure if it's okay to write something personal in public.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing and I will try to squeeze my time to read on your page and if you don't mind, I'll just link you up. *smile*

  6. haha...yea, blogging is a rather good way to meet friends...

    I met some real interesting people on the blog... met up and become great friends...

    maybe you should too... real nice to bring it a step higher rather than continuing to stay as virtual friends sometimes...

    c ya...


  7. Hi QC, awesome post! Thanks so much for the feature and the kind words. I am honoured indeed.

    Btw, the profile of the "Malaysia Page" that you sign in from is not accessible. Not sure if you want it that way.

  8. stannly,

    nice blog u have. i think we are all learning. on how personal u want to be, i think its up to you.. u know of some celebrity bloggers who share quite a fair bit of themselves - they are quite popular bcos of that. readers wanna know what they do and all. lol.

    *shy lah. haha. somemore most of my blogger friends in kl one haha.

    but ill be heeding yr advice soon - when im done with my book haha!

    my pleasure - u really did a gr8 welcome to me :)

    oh sometimes i forget tt im using the biz email when i browse blogs... lol. will try to remmber to use my blog one in the future.

    thanks for letting me know :)

  9. Hahaha what the heck.. that's how you walk into a store? I think that defense mechanism should be used for either china or bali :P.

  10. hi aronil

    i know what you mean - the sellers running to you when you walk heh :) but surprise, in modern parts of china, they are so different - really top class!


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