Sunday, May 11, 2008

Malaysia Book Update 7: The Final Lap

In a way, I can't believe it. It has been months of work on this 50+1 Malaysia Book. Just when there seems to be no end (or no light at the end of the tunnel), we are now in the final lap.

The Final Challenge
It is the final phase - getting the Sponsors. I don't like to sound un-inspiring, but you know how final laps are - you are usually worn out and yet, its so important as this is where you can be a winner and 'make history'.

I've started the rounds of advertising around 2 weeks back. Honesetly, I'm not sure of the results - I've been bruised a lil before we turnaround this project, hence not putting very high hopes (I'll share on this once the book is out). But yet, this is a must - as important it is as all the other phases and especially when nearly 90% of the 10000 copies of the book is to be given free!

Honestly, the biggest setback on books is the printing costs - an investment and risks one has to take. To an extent, it can 'make or break' an independent publisher.

Knocking My Head On The Wall
The past 2 weeks has made me to really put my thinking cap on. I had to think smart and work smart - due to time constraints especially and also on resources. There were really times when I felt blank!

But, I think I've found some answers and there are some positive replies and a few still considering. There's just a few more days before we call this a wrap. I'm setting a decent target for this - mainly to cover the production & printing costs... and to make a decent living (I'd call it living as its not like super $ - not yet at least).

Continue To Give The Best
And with some 'sweet' replies, I know that this will work. Yes, I'm tired and exhausted, but like a friend mentioned, this is the best chance - and it's after all the last lap.

What is one more week of work to the months I've been working on this?!

So, let me run and complete this 'race' & hopefully by the weekend or so, I can share some inspiring stories! :)


  1. y is the book free?
    cannot sell wan ah?
    for tourism board?

  2. about ur cover.. hehehe..
    close date liao..
    so no nid comment kua..
    anyway, malaysia always brand wif the races, so cover 3 fits the branding i guess...

    but then with those photos, dont u think the light blue & pale orange above is like making the book very pale... duno leh.. its like a very gentle n smooth colour until gives a very 'tired' feeling.. hahaha. ok ok.. im not good at arts.. so duno how to explain liao.. hehehe

    more vibrant color would be more attractive maybe... malaysian flag color maybe.. but then ppl may say "aiya, not original, always malaysia flag color" hahaha


  3. Ganbatte kudasai bro! I'm sure you can make it. The finish line is damm close right now! =)

  4. Good luck my friend!
    U have our support! :)

  5. good luck to you man! DO let me know once it's out!

  6. teddy,
    thanks for your opinion on the cover. act today is the last day :)

    anyway, as we are publishing relatively a bigger amount of copies for this book - reason simply to share malaysia more, hence why we have to find more sponsors.

    it will still be sold, but majority of the book given back to the sponsors/ advertisers.

  7. tekkaus & robo

    many many thanks for the support - it gets me going! :)

  8. chrisau

    thanks. will sure do haha :) btw jonker street/ jonker walk is feature inside :)


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