Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Day The Internet Went Kaboom!

My internet went bonkers 2 days ago - it 'died'. Yes, the connection was down for a full 24 hours. Luckily it's back to normal now.

It got me to think how much the internet meant to me (us), or how much my (our) lives depend on it.

On that un-fruitful day, I couldn't check my emails, wasn't able to upload & download files (this was the most important of all for my work - corresponding with my graphic designer), unable to surf and unable to blog.

Can you imagine the feeling when things are in such tight timeline & when pressured for time, and suddenly the internet goes ka-boom?


So, I tried to do all the non-internet related stuff first (editing), hoping for the internet to come back. But when it didn't, I had to go to a friend's place to do all my work.

As I accumulated the work (especially the upload/ download of files), I had to stay back till quite late to finish them, leaving no time to blog (though I did a lil bit of blog surfing in the time in between).

In a way, I was a lil dissapointed as I couldn't write a post. I guess I'm addicted to blogging and miss it when I couldn't get connected - reflecting a lil, it seems weird huh, how blogging has taken a new part in my life :)

But most of all, it goes to show how dependent my (our) life is on the internet now. I dare say it has really transformed my (our) life(s), and to say I (we) can't live without it would be right! Glad it's back! :)


  1. hi,,thanks for dropping by.

    and know what, this just happened to me...just now.
    i was so excited to check my email, and when i click on the yahoo homepage, this error just keeps on coming into view. i've checked my wireless signal and shows connected with excellent signals. and so i tried again the yahoo and google homepage but the error still appears! huh!
    i am about to call the customer service of our internet provider when i thought of to try one more time...and wooolallaaahhh...i am now connected!!!!!

  2. hey jez

    wow, a sudden shock rite if kena like that. oh btw, for me, it was the wire that was faulty. so just in case, u can try a test with a new wire (the thin phone wire connected to the modem) :)

  3. i am glad u r back. i came over n saw no update. and yes, internet has sort of taken over our lives. it has however not only brought information to our finger tips but fun..dont u think so?

  4. That just proves we depend on technology too much. Try going on an internet sabbatical~ :)

  5. thinking from another perspective, when the internet is down, it gives u the chances to do something which is not related to internet, e.g. reading.

    just think from the positive perspective then u'll get it. everything happens for a reason.

  6. hey qua chee. from ur small profile pic i thought u actually saved a picture of hk actor eekin cheng from a website and used it. after looking at it a lil longer, lol it's genuine. cool :) u kinda look like him!

    u like eating sunflower seeds?

  7. hey samantha

    yes, its a genuine pic & thanks for the compliments :)

    on melon seeds, no, not really into it - hard to eat hehe

  8. hi beng beng

    thanks for yr continuous support & visit :) - sorry no updates then.

    and i agree on internet being a fun tool - i think its the modern day entertainment :)

  9. 宝茹 ,

    hhaa, internet sabatical - hmm maybe when im on a holiday haha (which is quite soon :) )

    (cant afford other times of the year, as my biz depends on it) :)

  10. hi haan

    agree with you, last time i never go online at nite... and did lots of reading. guess i should go back :)

    and on things happening for a reason, i agree with you - sometimes its like a challenge but the outcomes are usually good! :) (if so we believe)

  11. oh gosh .. i hate it when my Internet is down. or even when my PC is down. its like suddenly not having anything to do !! eww ..


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