Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Blogger Khaki

Blogs On Life
Acura: Signs Of Life
I believe in looking reality straight in the eye and denying it.

Adila: Adila
Against The Wind.

Amei79: Change, Change, Change
Comfort zone that shares my very own thoughts,
philosophies & experiences!

**Amir Fuad: My Life As I See It
The things happening in my life and my take on them.

Baba Chong: The Son of Baba
Happy, sad, sorrow, crying, and more here.

Ben: Ben's Life Journal

Benedict: Slice Of Life
A man with vision never bothered by obstacles & immediate interests.

CC: Quaint Melody
A Malaysian living in the bungy land.

Faerie's Lady: Magic Dust
Spread the love with bits of magic dusts wherever you are...

FoongPC: My Very First Blog
There's always a FIRST time for everything, and BLOGGING is no different!

Haan: Labyrinth
Life is a maze of paths. By getting lost, I discover myself, recognize my own passage.

**Happy Surfer: Anything Beautiful
From where I am... Kuala Lumpur

Jesie: Jesie Blog Journey
This is a chronicle of general topics such as lifestyle, blogging, resources and the challenges that I encounter during this blogging journey. I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I have put it together.

Jim Long: Self Magic
The most powerful magic in the world is self magic.

June: June's Blog
Is about me & my experience.

Kacang Puteh: Kimmy's Blog

KeefKeef: Anything & Everything
Whatever comes to mind......

Kheng Siong: Principle Of Uncertainty
Management, photos, politics and others.

Levian: Levian Blog

Renaclaire: Caring Is Not Only Sharing

Rose Wong: Rose Wong aka Ah Lost

Sandra Wong: Sandra Pixie @ Visual Media X-Change

Sheryl: Sheryl's Place
Sanctuary Of My Thoughts

Sui Tua Pui: Sui Tua Pui
…Still crazy after all these years!

**Tekkaus: Tekkaus Blog
It's time to reach out and touch someone!

YeinJee: YeinJee's Asian Journal
Asian Culture, Food, Lifestyle, Travel & Entertainment.

Yuan Huann: BB Community
BB Market Place is where i would share my thoughts on some places, companies, products, services , current news, and etc.

Food Blogs
Babe In The City KL: Babe In The City KL
Malaysia Food Blog

LingZie: Lingzie's Tummy Treats
Eat. Live. And Be Merry

Photo Blogs
eM.K: emk Photo Video
Pics from my travels.

Kervin: Thousand Words
Snapshots of Life

Kevin Chan: KF Chan Photography
My world as I see it, through my eyes & my camera

Jason Goh: Smashin' Pop
Web Producer / Photographer / Designer / Illustrator

Tech Blogs
BB: Best Blogger Community
Featuring All The Best Bloggers.

Calvin: iCalvyn
All about Information Technology, computing, networking, hardware and software.

Kong: Kong Technology

Travel Blogs
**Robo: My Trips

Blogs On Wisdom
StormWhistle: Chicken Soup For Your Soul
Stories, Humour, Resources & Lessons for life

**Blogs I read very often.


  1. thanks Quachee...later i will hv to arrange all my bloggers' link.. its getting too long... nearly reaching singapore.. :)

  2. Thanks Q!
    I didn't notice that....

    Anyway, I read your blog daily too! Haha!

  3. I'm very proud to be one of the lucky bloggers in this list! Thank "kayu" quachee! =)

  4. Hi QuaChee!You have a very nice blogs!!!..^^..
    Happy Chinese ew Year to you and Gong Xi Fatt choy ya!!!(^0^)/
    will add you in my blog!


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