Thursday, August 24, 2006

Simply inspiring

These few weeks, Ive been meeting lots of people/ friends... and as usual, after sometime not meeting them, I normally ask them how are things currently.

Ive recently met up with a new friend of mine, who although at a young age, has achieved so much in his career. More interestingly, not many people believed in him initially as when he first started working, he didn't had much qualifications... but he was determined to equip himself, and he went on to work full time, and study part time.. from getting a Diploma then Advance Diploma to a Degree... and finally, the MBA. He worked during the day, and studied at nights. Now, who would have guessed that this guy could have gone all the way! It was only his determination, and hunger for success that made him achieve such great results! Seeing him today, I don't think anyone could guess how he was when he was younger haha...

Ive also met up with a few other friends yesterday, and they were telling me about their lives. I was inspired by them as well - for they are taking small steps in realising their dreams. Compare that with one year ago when I first knew them, they have blossomed and matured. I think one reason is they are clearer on their goals.

By meeting all of my friends, it has inspired me in a way... for it shows that we can be who we want to be - just be clear on what we want, and believe in it.

So just believe, achieve... and then inspire... and the circle continues!

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